Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Wyatt is 6 Weeks Old Today

Wanna see a comparison of all of my three children at 6 weeks old to see how much they differ or look alike? Check it out here.

I actually took these pictures yesterday in preparation for today :D hehehe
He's just the sweetest thing!
I feel badly for him though right now... he seems to have a cold :( When he's awake, he seems to want to spit out some phlegm but then he swallows it. Even his little voice is kind of hoarse :(
Two weeks ago exactly, we had brought the kids to the girls' annual check-up. At that time, they were all totally fine, in good health. The nurse checked Wyatt out real quick too, bonus :D
Well, in the waiting room, Ursula was licking the back of her chair. That child and her oral fixation... she's always got something in her mouth or licking something. So, I get her to stop. Within a week, she has fever and then she's congested. The fever produced a mouthful of fever blisters for the poor child :( Today is Wyatt's 3rd day of this coughing/congestion. Calista is kind of coughing, not bad at all though... she didn't go through a fever either.
Since Jeremy took today off to bring me to my postpardum check-up, I'll go ahead and call to see what I can do about Wyatt. Jeremy is getting concerned/worried. If it is just something benign that needs to run its coarse, I can deal with that with no problem. I just don't want it to get any worse... I mean, he's still a newborn! Thankfully, I nurse him.
I'll update when I find out something.


Jessica said...

can't say I like the red...
Man that sucks about your kids not being 100%...really, I know. As of last night Jared is feeling miserable, and Victoria was coughing last night and some this morning. I was coughing all night too. :(
The only one not coughing is Veronica, and man, Jared and I both are stressing IF she gets it...sigh
I know, it's unlikely, and I'm nursing....

Sharon said...

aww, oh no...poor little sweetie. I'm sorry he is not feeling at all:(. It hard when our children are sick but it feels ten times harder when they are so so so little, kwim? Let us know how he does tomorrow and if you end up taking him in! Thinking about him;)