Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mini Update

Just wanted to jot a few things down so that they aren't forgotten :D
Wyatt'll be 4 yrs old on the 20th :) And he's soooo cute :D lol (of course :D)

He has a cute accent. There's a little girl down the road that's friends with Ursula and her name is Markie. He pronounces it Mah key. He still has a hard time pronounces "L's"... they sound like "W's" instead. He says "nuffin" for 'nothing'. Like, if he's telling me something and I don't understand what he's saying, and I ask him to repeat, sometimes he'll say, "nuffin". lol

Instead of 'forgot' he says "got for"... no idea why he transposes those syllables... When we correct him, he says it right.

He has 2 new tricks!!! The other day, in the living room, he went upside down, and spun!!! Jeremy and I were like, "wha wha what???" And then, later, he stood on his head without any support! He did it all by himself, in the middle of the floor!!! He stayed like that for at least 10 seconds if not longer! Of course, he's been practicing a lot... LOL He's constantly upside on the sofas! He also tries to do cartwheels :) He does flips on the sofas. He can climb up on any of the counters without assistance such as chairs or stools. He's figured out how to unlock the chain lock on the door... he'll use something long, reach up, and work on it until he undoes it. (yeah, wonderful, huh? That was my safety net if I had to use the bathroom or something... to make sure he was safe... now I have to listen to make sure he's not trying to unlock the door!).

I guess he's trying to establish what he can control because he'll tell me how to show affection towards him... such as, he'll say, "No hugs, just one kiss; No kiss, just a hug; 2 kisses - one on each cheek; tight hug; soft hug"; etc.

He's really into dinosaurs right now. His favorite show is on PBS, "Dinosaur Train".

He's also into Batman and Spiderman.

These are shows he asks to watch: The Fairly Odd Parents (he refers to this show as "Timmy Turner"... i.e. "Put it on Timmy Turner, mom!"), Johnny Test, Chowder (weird-ass show...), Max & Ruby, & Curious George.

He'll go up to Jeremy and warn him, "I'm about to punch you..." and do it... hehehe Its funny... he's got quite a punch. And of course, Jeremy loves it (Jeremy was a boxer once upon a time). But, I tell Wyatt he can only punch his dad. He also gets a running start sometimes, and then punches him or he'll come from above and fly or drop towards Jeremy and punch. When Jeremy blocks, Wyatt will find a way to punch in between his arms or hands.

He hasn't nursed in months! woohoo! My first time without someone connected to me in almost 11 yrs! ha ha ha

He is still in our bed... in the summer, we had him going to bed with the girls... and it worked out great! But, with school in, he was just keeping the girls up too late on some nights. So, if he's not sleeping before they go to bed, he comes to bed with us. If he's sleeping, we'll put him in one of their beds. Speaking of sleeping with him... he just HAS to have his feet on me... or rather, on top of me... LOL

A couple of weeks ago, we had Soleil (my 10 yr. old niece) here for 3 weeks. He just loved that. Soleil's family (my sister) had come down from Georgia in October to celebrate the two 10-yr-olds bdays and Soleil was able to stay... anyways, from the time Wyatt saw her, he liked her :P He told her how pretty she was. Said she was his girlfriend (gurl-fren). While she here, he'd tell her, just whenever, that she was pwetty. hehehe

Speaking about him already displaying maleness concerning females... (heh heh), there's a Victoria's Secret commercial that comes on... first, we noticed that he'd stop whatever he was doing to watch the commercial. At the end, the commercial says something like, 'she's the bombshell'. Well, I never paid attention to it too much... mostly because I can't fit anything they sell at that store :/ lol But, I had heard Wyatt commenting, after seeing a pretty lady on TV or in a magazine that she was a bombshell... I was like thinking that he was meaning something like, 'she's the bomb' but not knowing where he'd get that from... but, the other night, we heard it on that commercial and Jeremy & I looked at each other and laughed :D "THAT'S where he got it!" hehe He picks up all kinds of things from TV... Like, "I didn't see that coming!" hahaha

I recently got Jeremy to cut his hair :) And its sooooo cute! I love it! I told Jeremy wanted to be able to see his eyes! He cut it like I had asked :)

I'll post pics on the next blog entry.

Friday, October 09, 2009

October 2009 Update :D

Wyatt on August 21st, 2009

Wyatt on October 6th, 2009

Just a brief update on stuff Wyatt says and does; favorites... :D

Everything's 'two times'... as in, "I did that two times.", "I said it two times already.", etc
He says, "You rock, Mom/Dad!" lol "Awesome!" "I do that all the time!" "I fought (thought) so"He pronounces Calista's name "Karista/Krista" and Ursula's name "Ursuwa".

He's not punching everyone too much anymore... although, sometimes, he does a running start and does some sort of power punch to his dad... LOL Or he'll climb up on something and jump down with a punch to Jeremy...

When watching a kids' channel (with all those toy commercials), he constantly demands of me, "You gotta get that/those!" lol I'll repeat it as a question, back to him and he'll say, "yep".

His favorites shows right now (ones he asks to watch, if they're on) are: Transformers, Max & Ruby, Tom & Jerry, Timmy Turner (Fairly Odd Parents), Johnny Test, Batman (cartoon or not) and Spongebob Squarepants. And if its something he's not interested in watching, "Mom, I don't like this one!"

I believe he's finally weaned! woohoo! Does that mean I get to have my breasts back, to myself, after all these years???? wha wha what??? LOL

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just Stuff

Awww, sweet smile :) Just not at the camera.... ha ha ha

Fake smile... jaw jutted out...

Cheesy smile...


WTH? lol

Funny face... ha ha ha ha
Here's a B&W version of the above pic :D

Wyatt is so funny :D He's always making me laugh or smile :)

He's quite imaginative and plays very well by himself... even if there's no toys around, he'll play with his toes or something like that :D

His things to say right now are: ".... is my favorite" or ".... is not my favorite", "I got this for my birthday" or "I want .... for my birthday", he'll be talking to one of the cats... saying something like, "You're so tute (cute)" and follow that with "do ya? do ya? do ya?"... LOL I was hearing him say that a lot, and then I told Jeremy about it, how cute it was, and Wyatt stopped saying it as much... hehehe That's why you have to talk very low or in another room... :P Another thing, is that I'll ask him why he did something, and he'll say, quite truthfully, " 'cause I want to". Something else... sometimes when I ask what he said, he'll tell me, "I'm talking to myself".

He still isn't too thrilled about wearing shorts/pants. He'll wear shirts now though... even ask to wear one. He'll wear his underwear, a shirt, and tennis shoes outside.... ha ha ha

He's still sleeping with the girls :) Either one will do... We have the girls in separate rooms now. Sometimes he'll come up to me and tell he's "so sweepy (sleepy)".

He still nurses occassionally. Not very often at all. I'll ask him, while he climbs up on my lap, getting into position and raising my shirt up, "Why do you want to nurse?" and he'll just smile, and say, " 'cause I want to"... ha ha ha ha

He loves playing, of course. He loves playing with his sisters. They do fight still, but, I guess that's normal. I have to say that he isn't punching so much anymore! Yay! But, he does wrestle them down to the ground... ha ha ha Usually, they're both laughing when he does that.

Oh, I guess this is something he's going through, a stage or something... but, sometimes, he won't kiss Jeremy or hug him... Jeremy will convince him to at least give him 'five'... And with me, sometimes he'll tell me "no kiss, just hugs" or vice versa.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Transition From Our Bed...

OMG... its amazing! Wyatt sleeps with his sisters now!!! And it wasn't hard at all to transition him there!!! The first night was the worst... Jeremy told him to go to be with the girls... he cried, tried to cling to me, Jeremy took him from me... we gave him kisses and Calista took his hand and led him to the room. We heard him crying for maybe 10 minutes... probably not that long... and then silence. All 3 were sleeping. The next two nights, he cried/complained but, less time being upset in bed... by night 4, he told us good-night, brushed his teeth, and went to bed with the girls with no fuss whatsoever! Now, there's usually some talking, laughing, etc after they go to bed... but, it usually doesn't last more than 10-15 minutes and then they're all sleeping. We've been having them go to bed at 9:30pm.

Well... last night... it was so crazy... Jeremy & I were watching a movie (Pearl Harbor) and it was quiet... I asked Calista, "Where's your brother?" Jeremy and Calista both got up to look for him... Wyatt had went to the girls' bedroom, laid down in bed, and pulled the covers over his head (light was on)!!! Jeremy lifted the cover to view him and Wyatt pulled the cover back down! hehehe They came out telling me that Wyatt went to bed! So, we went back in there, lifted the cover, and told him good-night, gave him kisses, and left. I checked back a few minutes later and he was sleeping! hehehe It was sooooo cute! And amazing! hehehe Neither Calista NOR Ursula was that easy to get out of bed or bedroom!!!

Side note... this is the first time since Calista's birth we've had the bed to ourselves fulltime!!! wow!!!! Now, sometimes, Wyatt will wake up around 5am and come to bed with us... not bad :D

I'm just sooooo weirded out about it... he he he I feel like Pink... "who knew?" (it would be so easy)... he he he

Friday, April 03, 2009

Trying to get cute pics of Wyatt is not as easy as you'd think... Take a look at the proof below and you'll understand why I take sooooo many pictures... ha ha ha

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wyatt's 3 yrs old (well... for over a month now! lol)

Some stuff about Wyatt:

He says, "That's what I'm talking about" or his version of it... I think he got it from Madagascar... Marty the Zebra says that, I think...
Says: yep!, where did that come from?, pwease!, I said 'pwease!'
Wants to watch DVD after DVD... such as Surf's Up, Cars, Madagascar (1&2), Ice Age the Meltdown, Kung Fu Panda, Hellboy (1&2), Harry Potter, Iron Man, & Star Wars.
Its so great to hear him laughing at the cartoons :D Its soooo cute :D He really is a cutie :D he he
He tries hopping on one foot :D
We bought him a little bicycle with training wheels for his 3rd bday and it didn't take him more than a week to figure out how to pedal it :) He rides that thing all around the house... he's figured out how to make it go faster and then stop pedaling to allow it to coast :D He'll coast around the corners of the kitchen table :D
Oh, how could I forget this... he's the 'flusher'... yes... anytime he hears someone going to the bathroom, he just HAS to flush the toilet!!! LOL He gets all upset if he can't!

Catching up with Older Pics...

Since I took a break (for unknown reasons... why do I do this to myself??? lol), I'm uploading some pics I took of Wyatt since the last entry in September.

Jeremy had to buy a new tire for his motocycle... so, he used his old one to make a little tire swing for the kids :)

Showing how long his hair was at the time... he had gotten it cut since then... but if you look at his newer pics, its almost like this again! lol

Halloween... his 2nd time (and last!) using this cute little costume :)

These pics were taken at the girls' school for cheerleading practice.

Here he is, in action, at Calista's cheerleading practice.