Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Transition From Our Bed...

OMG... its amazing! Wyatt sleeps with his sisters now!!! And it wasn't hard at all to transition him there!!! The first night was the worst... Jeremy told him to go to be with the girls... he cried, tried to cling to me, Jeremy took him from me... we gave him kisses and Calista took his hand and led him to the room. We heard him crying for maybe 10 minutes... probably not that long... and then silence. All 3 were sleeping. The next two nights, he cried/complained but, less time being upset in bed... by night 4, he told us good-night, brushed his teeth, and went to bed with the girls with no fuss whatsoever! Now, there's usually some talking, laughing, etc after they go to bed... but, it usually doesn't last more than 10-15 minutes and then they're all sleeping. We've been having them go to bed at 9:30pm.

Well... last night... it was so crazy... Jeremy & I were watching a movie (Pearl Harbor) and it was quiet... I asked Calista, "Where's your brother?" Jeremy and Calista both got up to look for him... Wyatt had went to the girls' bedroom, laid down in bed, and pulled the covers over his head (light was on)!!! Jeremy lifted the cover to view him and Wyatt pulled the cover back down! hehehe They came out telling me that Wyatt went to bed! So, we went back in there, lifted the cover, and told him good-night, gave him kisses, and left. I checked back a few minutes later and he was sleeping! hehehe It was sooooo cute! And amazing! hehehe Neither Calista NOR Ursula was that easy to get out of bed or bedroom!!!

Side note... this is the first time since Calista's birth we've had the bed to ourselves fulltime!!! wow!!!! Now, sometimes, Wyatt will wake up around 5am and come to bed with us... not bad :D

I'm just sooooo weirded out about it... he he he I feel like Pink... "who knew?" (it would be so easy)... he he he