Monday, October 23, 2006

Kids of All Ages Love Boxes

Wyatt played in this thing for the longest time... even got in it to poop (while in his diaper, of course)! lol
His newest thing to do is bite his lip (he used to suck on his lower lip)... here you can see him doing that.

And a here's a cute pic of him wearing a sweet smile :D

Doggy Wrestling

This is Wyatt's Aunt Tasha's English Bulldog, Huck.
Wyatt just LOVES animals!
Doesn't everyone just adore doggy kisses (ewww...)
Wyatt has Huck here... Huck was being good and submitting :D
I just had to hold his back legs away from Wyatt because he was so excited to get this attention that his back legs were kicking non-stop! lol
"You are now under my control", Wyatt pronounces as he finishes up the spell for making Huck helpless.

"Eureka! The spell worked!
I can now overpower this beast!"

Now, to kiss him... or is that bite him?

This was definitely Wyatt biting Huck... LOL
And Huck was so good about it.
I'm wondering if Wyatt thought Huck was one big chew toy or if he just thought he tasted good...

And Huck wasn't one bit phased by that bite... he loves Wyatt as you can see by this doggy kiss.

At least Wyatt doesn't freak out about large animals like Ursula did at that age!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Wyatt's 10 Months Old

Bald and Beautiful!
Scratches on the nose... either from hitting it on something or scratching it...

"Hey Baby"

"I love me some cats!... and they don't mind me too much"

Wyatt's still crawling all over... very speedily :D He has taken one step 3 different times. He 'cruises' the furniture. He pushes anything that he can and walks (fastly, most of the time) behind it. When he allows me to put him in his walker, he walks in it and gets excited about it :D hehehe

Still drooling like crazy.

He has 4 teeth on top and 4 on bottom.

Not sure of his weight or length.

Wears no less than a 12 mth onesie or bodysuit. Wears 6-9 mth in pants (some 12 mth ones too)... must have some short legs, huh? hehe

He gives open-mouth kisses esp to Ursula :D He even opens his arms to go with her! hehehe

He loves his daddy :D He yells at him with a 'Gah!' or 'Ah gah!' and then smiles when his dad looks at him.

I have some other pics I took today of him and his sisters here.

What sucks is that I had the doggone camera on the wrong setting so most of the pics are kind of blurry :(

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Today - October 15th, 2006

See his 4 bottom teeth? :D
Thought this was a funny picture of him :D hehehe

Wyatt loves animals... here he is with Shane and Angele's dog, Deuce.


He took a step today!!!
Its a start!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

At the Park

We (me, Ursula, and Wyatt) went on a meet-up today and here's some of the pictures from it (of my kids... not of the others):
Ursula pushing him on the swing and making him smile/laugh.
What a nice big sister!

And this is another from Ursula making him happy :D

Standing outside of a small climbing thingie:

Following in the footsteps of his older sisters... he's a climber:

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Oct. 10th, 2006

Happy Wyatt
(pushing water around)
Sad Wyatt
(wanting momma to hold him)
Happy Wyatt again
(momma making him smile)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

He Claps!

Okay, the pictures posted have NOTHING to do with what I've typed up... just pictures I took of him today & yesterday :D

He's clapping today!!! Its sooo cute!!! hehehe No pics or video of it yet but when I do, I'll post :D

He has also been 'rolling' his tongue for a few weeks now. Its also so cute :D hehehe

Another thing I need to get on video is of him dancing! Again, so cute! hehe Whenever he hears a beat, its like he can't help himself, he starts bouncing up and down! hehe