Wednesday, October 04, 2006

He Claps!

Okay, the pictures posted have NOTHING to do with what I've typed up... just pictures I took of him today & yesterday :D

He's clapping today!!! Its sooo cute!!! hehehe No pics or video of it yet but when I do, I'll post :D

He has also been 'rolling' his tongue for a few weeks now. Its also so cute :D hehehe

Another thing I need to get on video is of him dancing! Again, so cute! hehe Whenever he hears a beat, its like he can't help himself, he starts bouncing up and down! hehe


Jessica said...

he he he, yep he's a cutie! Can't wait to see those video's. (dont forget to put a link for me)
Veronica's been clapping!! She does 'roll it' too! Guess I could get that too!

Alison said...

Thanks Jess :D

I am not sure when I'll get those videos up... he claps whenever... so, I never know when he'll do it.

He loves doing Patty Cake and rolling them but he doesn't do it by himself... he grabs my hands and has me do it for him and cracks up :D