Saturday, September 13, 2008

Another 'Cheese Me!' Moment

Sometimes Wyatt will just want me to take pictures of him... lol He'll point at my camera case and say, "Cheese Me, mom" :D I'll ask him if wants me to take a picture of him and he'll nod his smiling head vigorously :D Of course, he wants to see them instantly on my preview screen :)
So, here are some from today:

Throwing signs again... no idea why he does this... but, he's been doing things like this with his fingers for a long time now...


Of course, what's a set of pictures without one with a tongue sticking out?

Friday, September 12, 2008

He's an Aspiring Guitar Hero

He came to me with the GH3 guitar (strap around his neck) and the game box... "pwease, mom, pway" :)
So, I put it in :) Of course he only hit notes coincidently... but, he enjoyed himself :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Peeing in the Grass

Good ole morning pee... lol

"Pee grass, mom" "Sure son, go ahead"
This is most mornings... :)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Playing in the Dirt

Its so funny how he lays down to play... the girls never did that!
I thought he was gonna go to sleep! lol

Same pic, obviously... but, I like how it looks in B&W so, I posted it :D

Thursday, July 24, 2008

His Personality Right Now

Okay... here's some things he does or says at 31 mths old:

Sometimes, if you ask him something or ask him to do something, he'll lower his head, act like he gives up, and says, "Bine!" (fine!) lol But, he smiles afterward.

He'll act like he's upset and sigh... smiles afterwards... he folds his arms across his chest... smiles when you look at him...

He'll have something in one hand... then put both behind his back and want you to guess which hand he has that 'something' in... but, he'll change hands... and bring out an empty hand... he also teases... goes to hand you something and right before you grab it, he takes it away... ha ha ha

He's still a little charmer. If he sees me fussing his sisters, he'll start kissing me... lol Hard to stay mad when a little one is kissing you and trying to get you to smile. :)

When we say, "I love you, Wyatt" he replies, "a'too, mom/daddy/etc".

Says: My turn, Eat, pee-pee/poo on potty, kitty, tells our neighbor, "bye Jenn", jeep, car, play, me play, me, hey, what doing?, tea?, drink, etc... he's saying a lot of stuff...

He drives that PowerWheels Jeep perfectly!!! lol Its so cute! Like when I am mowing the grass, he'll drive around me.

Oh, I've written how he likes all the typical 'boy' things... like guns, cars, knives, etc... well, his latest thing is to pretend he's dead... he goes all limp and says, "I dead". I pick him up and tell him, "No! You're alive!" and then he'll either say he's dead again or say, "I live?" and I'll say, 'yes, you're alive' :D

You would swear that he was a sniper in a past life... lol He'll take anything, a stick, a pretend gun, his finger, and hide behind something, peek out, and then make a shooting sound...


I think I can safely say that Wyatt's potty-trained :D woohoo!
Its so cute when he climbs up on the potty :D
But, he's been in underwear for a few weeks now.

Oh, that was him on his potty... I've put that one up in the closet and he's now using the regular one :)

He just turned 31 mths old... he's actually trained faster than his sisters... and all on his own... meaning, his own idea :D

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A First!!!

He took a nap all by himself today!!!

This happened after coming home from Curves. He asked to watch Cars. I put it in, he got a blanket and covered himself up. Next thing you know, he was sleeping!!! hehehe
So cute :D

Usually, he takes a nap but I have to nurse him first :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Wyatt decided to paint himself... good thing it was latex paint... came off easily... But, this is what happened when I asked Jeremy to watch him while I paint the girls' bedroom... He actually is totally pink/purple from his chest to his toes... EVERYWHERE... I have pics, but I don't think I should post them... lol

Friday, May 23, 2008

Update on the Potty

Wyatt pooped on his potty today!!! TWICE!!! woohoo!!!

I had left the kid with Jeremy while I went to Curves for my workout... well, when I came back, Jeremy showed me the poop still in the kiddie potty and told Wyatt to come show me... so, Wyatt went to the bathroom, brought out the inner part of the potty to show it to me :D He was all, "poo poo!" :D hehehe

Then, while I was home, he went back to the bathroom, pooped again, but this time, he came out with the inner part, empty... he had already flushed it :D hehe

Had I known he was gonna decide to potty-train himself, I wouldn't have bought the big box of Huggies!!! lol So, so far, I bought him 3 packages of underwear :) His newest has characters from Cars on it :D Speaking of Cars, while picking up the underwear, he spotted a Cars baseball cap, picked up and put it on his head :D It was so cute, that we bought it for him :D hehehe

Going back to the potty... if he's without diaper or underwear, he'll go potty every time. If he has either one of those on, there's about a 50/50 chance of going potty.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Potty Training

Well, it looks like Wyatt's ready to get rid of his diapers! He actively takes them off. And while they're off, he'll go, on his own, to the kiddie potty :D A few times, he has even closed the door... even locked it (its easy to open from the outside, so, that's not too much of a problem).

Last night, he didn't want to put his diaper on... but, I didn't want to wake up to pee (because even though he is usually dry in the mornings... ya never know...)... but, finally consented to me putting one one him. Well, this morning, before he was fully awake and still nursing... he took his diaper off... LOL It was dry.

I'm glad I didn't push him into peeing on the potty! He was so resistant! I'd sit him on it and he'd straighten his legs, scream, cry, and get up... like it was the worse thing I could have done to him! So, I didn't do that too often... I just put him on the potty a handful of times, just so that he knows that where to go if he wanted to pee...

He just decided, on his own (28 mths), that he wanted to pee on the potty :D woohoo! Actually, this is about the time the girls were potty-training too! Funny how that happened... I've read and heard from others that boys take longer to train... guess we'll see :D

As long as he's naked, he pees on the potty. I put underwear on him and he peed in them... but showed me... lol He's not really pulling down his pants yet.

Friday, March 07, 2008

March 6, 2008

Yes, I know... its been a while since I've blogged... :)
But, here's Wyatt from yesterday.
Jeremy cut his hair the day before... but, unlike the first time Jeremy cut his hair, he wasn't quite as still and... well, if you look above his ears... he has that late 80's, early 90's no-sideburns look... yeah... lovely, huh?
I think I'll do it next time... I can't be any worse, huh? Guess we'll see.
His hair still looks like Hitler... LOL Its just growing that way. His hairline is high.

Its still hard to get good pics of Wyatt... he sees my camera and takes off... or looks away.

His likes: guns, punching, cars/trucks, planes, kicking, Cars (movie), Garfield (movie), Happily Never After (movie), horses (calls them "yea ha's")...

His dislikes: rinsing his hair... HATES it!, pepperoni (takes them off his pizza), and gives me a hard time changing his diaper.