Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Wyatt's One Week Old

Its just so surreal that I was pregnant and already had a baby; a baby boy too! Its amazing! And now, its already been a week that he's been here! He's sooooo sweet! He's constantly sleeping though! lol He nurses, poops, pees, and sleeps. He might have about 20 cumalitive (sp?) minutes a day where his eyes are actually open! So, I imagine he'll be chunky like Ursula was in no time! hehehe

Also, it looks like he might have blue eyes! If not, they'll be a light color. There's a light ring around his pupil. I know most babies start out with blue eyes, but like I said, there's a light ring around his pupil, like Ursula had.

I think its so funny how so many baby boys (newborn) look like little old men! hehehe

Monday, December 26, 2005


Looks like he's praying, huh?

I thought this was so cute... he was interlacing his fingers and just looking around. It was so adorable! He'd take his fingers apart and put them back the same way :D Hey, does that show intelligence or dexterity (sp?) already? hehehehehe

Friday, December 23, 2005

Wyatt's First Pictures

I believe this is one of his first pictures taken. He's still in the bathtub on me.
I had the video camera in there, ready to capture it all on tape, but with me being all by myself with just my girls, that wasn't happening. I guess my births were just not meant to be videoed.This picture was taken by Wyatt's Aunt Tasha (Jeremy's sister).
Same day as his birth, just later on. These next two pictures were taken by me on December 22nd... Ursula's birthday :D

My Pregnancy Journal

My Pregnancy Journal This is my blog for my pregnancy with Wyatt. His birth story is also here.