Friday, August 31, 2007

Wyatt Got Clipped!

Wyatt's hair is growing so funny... like the sides and top grow the fastest. I've trimmed (while he was nursing) above his ears like 3 times already! Well, last night, I suggested to Jeremy to use the clippers on him and Jeremy almost automatically went go get his clippers! hehe

So, Jeremy clipped the sides of his hair and evened out the back bottom. I see that it needs a little touch-up... hard using clippers or scissors on a kid that age; esp. when he's not used to it! hehe

All this time, I thought Wyatt would just have straight hair but right at the bottom, in the back, one little curl was starting to form :D hehe

I'll try to get a pic of him later on today and post it.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Some More Pics of My Cutie

Just some pics I took while Wyatt was enjoying himself outside :)

Monday, August 20, 2007

Wyatt's 20 Mths old!

Gosh, he abhors his diapers!!! He will take them off and fight me when I try to put them on. I do see clues to when he pees when he's without a diaper; he stops whatever he's doing and looks down. I catch him, he stops the stream and I put him on the potty. He thinks its funny. I'll ask him at other times if he has to potty/pee-pee and he'll walk to the bathroom and get on the little potty... sit there for a few seconds, stand up, look behind, inside the potty to see if there's anything in there and even when there's nothing there, he'll want to dump it into the toilet :D hehe He loves being naked. He tries to get his shirts off too... but eventually, he leaves it alone. Can't stand keeping his shoes on either; so, he's usually barefoot.

He has this thing where he has to bring things to their owner or where they belong. Like, take for instance, Jeremy. Jeremy will get up from the sofa and Wyatt will go immediately to where he was sitting, pick up each of his things, one by one, and bring them to him. Usually the first thing he brings is his drink. Last night, Jeremy was making himself something at the kitchen counter and ended up with his glass, his hat, the remote to the TV, and whatever fell out of his pocket onto the sofa... like his cigarettes and lighter, money, etc. If Jeremy finishes eating and leaves his plate in the living room, Wyatt will pick it up and put it in the sink. Wyatt brings dirty clothes to the dirty clothes basket. Oh, after I've finished folding towels and clothes, he just HAS to bring the towels to the bathroom and the clothes to the bedrooms! He even opens the bathroom cabinet to put the towels in. I say "HAS to" because if I try to take them from him, he starts screaming.

Oh, and he runs. It is just so adorable!!! hehehe He'll bend down a little bit, put his arms in typical running form and takes off. Sooo cute!!!

One thing he loves to do is to get on the speaker next to the sofa and jump onto the sofa. But, before jumping, he stamps is right foot a few times... like he's warming up. I'll have to video it before he stops doing it. Oh, and him jumping is not just jumping... he dives into the sofa. hehehe

No back is safe if he can reach it... he'll climb up onto anyone's back and hold on like a monkey. And then, when he's on mine, he'll act like he's some kind of mountain climber and climb to the front of me!!! hehe

Loves to dance! Has a few different moves, depending on the type of music. Will go to Jeremy's alarm clock and put it on so he can dance to the music (its set to the local rock station) :D hehe He'll even dance while nursing... he'll move his shoulders :D

He spins in circles.

He tests his balance by trying to stand on little things or unsteady things.

Oh, we were watching the gymnasts on TV and he was all into watching it! He laid down on the floor on his belly with his hands holding up his head and after a while, he got up onto his hands and feet and would raise one foot up as high as he could :D hehehe sooo cute!!!

All pictures were taken today by me, naturally :) Just let me remind you how hard it is to take pictures with no flash... Yeah, my flash is out. So, I have to take all pictures outside. And then, for some reason, it just doesn't focus as good. Like, when the flash works, I can take pics all day long and only have a couple of blurry or unfocused ones... now, though... its the opposite. What is with me and cameras??? I love them but they hate me??? LOL

Anyways, Wyatt is just such a cutie-pie if I do say so myself :) His little personality is really blooming too. I really think he'll be funny... ya know, like one of those people that everyone loves to be around because they're just inheritily funny :D

Friday, August 10, 2007

Guitar-Playing Wyatt

Here's Wyatt playing his Uncle Shane's guitar. The beat in the background is coming from Shane's amp. Jeremy helps Wyatt a little bit.
Wyatt Playing Guitar

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