Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Bouncing Himself to Sleep

This was just too cute to watch. Only the second day the jumpy thing was up and he jumped himself to sleep! I knew he was sleepy because we had just taken a bath and he was fussy; I nursed him in the tub but then he couldn't get comfortable so, I put him down, finished bathing and we got out. He seemed to have a little burst of energy. But then, I guess the bouncing got him sleepy again.

And a still shot of him sleeping.

Wyatt's 6 Months

He's 28" long
19 lbs

He's getting up on his knees and pulling up to his knees while holding onto things.

I almost got a picture of him pulling up to his feet but he fell over before my camera was ready! lol Yes, I caught him before he hit the floor :D

He still creeping around although he's incorporated rolling over into it :D He's always rolling over, esp. when he's about to do really well with crawling. And he's finally rolling both directions... okay, he did both directions a while back but didn't really continue rolling from his back to his tummy until today. There's been occassions where I've found him (like in bed) where it was obvious he must have rolled from his back to his belly but only seen him actually doing that like one time when he was like 2 mths old.

Its crazy because today, it seems like he's really, really, really putting in a huge effort to crawl! Its exciting!

He still seems to be teething... lots of drooling going on, chewing on my fingers and on his own, pulling on his ears.

He must have gone through a growth spurt because he's barely fitting any of his clothes! He's definitely out of the 3-6 mth outfits... he can kind of fit the 2-piece in those sizes... but, even those are snug. I can't imagine trying to put him in a cloth diaper and putting them on! Definitely wouldn't fit.

The onesies he has on in these pictures and video are size Large. Pretty much what fits him right now. He does have a few nice shirts and shorts that he can fit (sizes 6-9 or even 12 mths ones) but most of the rest of his clothes are for colder times... lots of pants and long-sleeved shirts; useless to us right now. So, the next times I go out to thrift stores, I'll have to keep my eyes open for clothes for him... I thought I wouldn't have to worry about clothes for him... but, I guess I was wrong.

Click here to see the video if the above isn't working.
The video is of him bouncing... its so cute (naturally! lol). His dad finally got it out of the attic (had since Calista was a baby) yesterday evening . He's really enjoying it; esp. when his sisters are close-by, making a mess :D This will help him build up those muscles so he can get around; he really can't wait to be able to crawl/walk... I can tell! He even tries to walk while in that bouncey thing.

Monday, June 12, 2006


Pictures from last night's bath time :)
I showered while he just either sat or laid on the bottom of the tub.
He loved it, as you can see.
The only problem is by the time we're done, he's so ready to sleep that he'll start crying once we're out of the tub.

I forgot to mention that he's totally out of size 3-6 mth clothes. Even some 6-9 mth clothes are too small already! I can't snap them at the crotch. I've put him in 12 mth all-in-one's (that snap at bottom) and they fit just right... crazy... I guess he had a growth spurt.

He weighs around 18lbs. I'll measure his length when he wakes up from his nap and post it.

He loves putting his feet together like in this picture :D Its so cute :)

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Wyatt's 5½ Mth Update

Wyatt's newest sounds (previously said, 'ga' and 'a-gah'):

(says the last 2 usually when he's upset)

And does this little spit thingie with his mouth... his lips are tight and he forces spit to spray out.

He's not exactly crawling, but he's moving a good bit... in circles and mostly rolls over to his back.

He puts his arms up to me so I would pick him up.

Gives kisses; open mouth of course. You can tell the difference between that and him wanting to gnaw on you... when he kisses your face, its for a short bit of time, no teeth... when he gnaws on your hand, he really chows down and you feel those little teeth that are out (the bottom center two).

Wakes up with a big smile and says 'a gah' most mornings. He also loves to spend a good amount of time stretching.

During the day, he nurses but will usually want to stop so that I can put him on my right shoulder with his head in my neck and rock him to sleep. Sometimes he sings himself to sleep. While nursing, he'll hold my finger or rub my shirt or arm or whatever is around him (with his eyes closed).

He usually smiles at whomever is smiling at him... something Ursula didn't do.

Here's video of him falling to sleep in my brother's kids' baby swing; or trying to anyways! He eventually does.

And here is a video I took today of Ursula singing to her... she's a mother hen, that's for sure. I'm not sure if she realizes that he's an actual baby and not one of her baby dolls... LOL