Saturday, June 10, 2006

Wyatt's 5½ Mth Update

Wyatt's newest sounds (previously said, 'ga' and 'a-gah'):

(says the last 2 usually when he's upset)

And does this little spit thingie with his mouth... his lips are tight and he forces spit to spray out.

He's not exactly crawling, but he's moving a good bit... in circles and mostly rolls over to his back.

He puts his arms up to me so I would pick him up.

Gives kisses; open mouth of course. You can tell the difference between that and him wanting to gnaw on you... when he kisses your face, its for a short bit of time, no teeth... when he gnaws on your hand, he really chows down and you feel those little teeth that are out (the bottom center two).

Wakes up with a big smile and says 'a gah' most mornings. He also loves to spend a good amount of time stretching.

During the day, he nurses but will usually want to stop so that I can put him on my right shoulder with his head in my neck and rock him to sleep. Sometimes he sings himself to sleep. While nursing, he'll hold my finger or rub my shirt or arm or whatever is around him (with his eyes closed).

He usually smiles at whomever is smiling at him... something Ursula didn't do.

Here's video of him falling to sleep in my brother's kids' baby swing; or trying to anyways! He eventually does.

And here is a video I took today of Ursula singing to her... she's a mother hen, that's for sure. I'm not sure if she realizes that he's an actual baby and not one of her baby dolls... LOL


Jessica said...

Sweet baby! (who's in the pic w/him?) and His face looks so fat! LOL
Man I wish I could watch the video's. I know the swing one, but I would like to see the one w/Urs. What's up w/that? Can I just go to your photobucket and watch it? :D

Alison said...

That's Cherie.

I know, he comes out looking fatter in pics than in real life, IMO.