Monday, June 12, 2006


Pictures from last night's bath time :)
I showered while he just either sat or laid on the bottom of the tub.
He loved it, as you can see.
The only problem is by the time we're done, he's so ready to sleep that he'll start crying once we're out of the tub.

I forgot to mention that he's totally out of size 3-6 mth clothes. Even some 6-9 mth clothes are too small already! I can't snap them at the crotch. I've put him in 12 mth all-in-one's (that snap at bottom) and they fit just right... crazy... I guess he had a growth spurt.

He weighs around 18lbs. I'll measure his length when he wakes up from his nap and post it.

He loves putting his feet together like in this picture :D Its so cute :)


Jessica said...

aww, so sweet! I like his feet together one. And I swear you read my mind w/the bathtub one's. I wanted to do that w/Veronica.
I still will, I'll just be a copy-cat! LOL

Alison said...

Sorry, didn't mean to read your mind :D Go ahead and post some pics of Veronica in the tub, would love to see them :D