Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wyatt's 3 yrs old (well... for over a month now! lol)

Some stuff about Wyatt:

He says, "That's what I'm talking about" or his version of it... I think he got it from Madagascar... Marty the Zebra says that, I think...
Says: yep!, where did that come from?, pwease!, I said 'pwease!'
Wants to watch DVD after DVD... such as Surf's Up, Cars, Madagascar (1&2), Ice Age the Meltdown, Kung Fu Panda, Hellboy (1&2), Harry Potter, Iron Man, & Star Wars.
Its so great to hear him laughing at the cartoons :D Its soooo cute :D He really is a cutie :D he he
He tries hopping on one foot :D
We bought him a little bicycle with training wheels for his 3rd bday and it didn't take him more than a week to figure out how to pedal it :) He rides that thing all around the house... he's figured out how to make it go faster and then stop pedaling to allow it to coast :D He'll coast around the corners of the kitchen table :D
Oh, how could I forget this... he's the 'flusher'... yes... anytime he hears someone going to the bathroom, he just HAS to flush the toilet!!! LOL He gets all upset if he can't!

Catching up with Older Pics...

Since I took a break (for unknown reasons... why do I do this to myself??? lol), I'm uploading some pics I took of Wyatt since the last entry in September.

Jeremy had to buy a new tire for his motocycle... so, he used his old one to make a little tire swing for the kids :)

Showing how long his hair was at the time... he had gotten it cut since then... but if you look at his newer pics, its almost like this again! lol

Halloween... his 2nd time (and last!) using this cute little costume :)

These pics were taken at the girls' school for cheerleading practice.

Here he is, in action, at Calista's cheerleading practice.