Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wyatt's 3 yrs old (well... for over a month now! lol)

Some stuff about Wyatt:

He says, "That's what I'm talking about" or his version of it... I think he got it from Madagascar... Marty the Zebra says that, I think...
Says: yep!, where did that come from?, pwease!, I said 'pwease!'
Wants to watch DVD after DVD... such as Surf's Up, Cars, Madagascar (1&2), Ice Age the Meltdown, Kung Fu Panda, Hellboy (1&2), Harry Potter, Iron Man, & Star Wars.
Its so great to hear him laughing at the cartoons :D Its soooo cute :D He really is a cutie :D he he
He tries hopping on one foot :D
We bought him a little bicycle with training wheels for his 3rd bday and it didn't take him more than a week to figure out how to pedal it :) He rides that thing all around the house... he's figured out how to make it go faster and then stop pedaling to allow it to coast :D He'll coast around the corners of the kitchen table :D
Oh, how could I forget this... he's the 'flusher'... yes... anytime he hears someone going to the bathroom, he just HAS to flush the toilet!!! LOL He gets all upset if he can't!

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Carla said...

Happy belated birthday Wyatt! Can't believe he's 3 already. Then again, I can't believe our girls are 6!

He is one cute boy.