Sunday, September 16, 2007

Wyatt's 21 Months

*Funny how his ear is folded onto itself that picture above, huh? lol*

Just wanted to post a few things before I forget...

He's starting to talk!!! LOL FINALLY! He's been saying "mom-ma" but the other day, he said 'da-dee' as clear as day whenever Jeremy had called me... he knows I mostly talk to Jeremy on the cell phone.

He has started pointing to himself and saying "my" or something similar for 'mine'... he doesn't annunciate it quite right, but you can tell what he's saying... so, he's going through the 'mine' stage as of now! hehehe

He also tries to say 'stop' (along with the hand up to motion it) and 'go' (pointing in a direction).

I joke about him being in the 'no' phase but by shaking his head... not saying 'no'. He has started shaking his head for 'yes' more now though!

Yesterday (Sept. 15th), he started sighing!!! LOL He even does his shoulders with the sound! hehehe A little while back, every time I'd take a deep breath and he was near me, he'd do it. Now, he sighs... lol Of course, its so cute!

If I'm fussing, he'll try to soothe things over by giving me kisses or hugs and the sweetest look on his face :D

If he's trying to get my attention but hitting my leg (not hard, just to get my attention since he isn't really talking yet) and I don't look at him fast enough or get up fast enough, he'll kiss my knees; he knows I love his kisses and that he'll get a good response from me.

He fakes sleeping! He'll lay down & then he 'snores'. He hasn't realized that he needs to close his eyes along with that... but, its so cute (gee, I say that a lot, huh? hehe Oh well...)

I was doing animal sounds for him and he really likes the cow's 'Moooo' :D hehehe He kept doing it over and over... with is lips all pushed forward :D

He does this short laugh whenever anyone burps :D He thinks its funny when he farts. He pinches his nose if I say "poo-wee" i.e. like whenever he poops (he's been doing that for a while now).

Whenever the girls get home from school, he has to do his own homework. He gets some paper, a pencil or crayon and scribbles and then brings it to me for praise :D hehe Ursula actually still does this too; but her scribbles are more advanced... hehe

He still loves 'boy' stuff. Loves any vehicle... will take them out, roll them on the floor and make the automobile sounds. Loves bats and balls. Loves throwing & kicking balls. However, there are times he'll pick up a doll (like whenever Ursula's playing with them) and hug, kiss, or make the doll(s) walk. He likes stacking things up & then knocking them down.

Whenever he wants to eat, he'll point to his highchair for me to put him in it. And at mealtimes, he'll get his own bowl/plate of food and eat at the table with the girls :D He eats really well.

I had originally tried getting pictures of his 'haircut'. We didn't take anything off off of the top (what's with all the off's/of's? lol hey, it makes sense in my mind... lol). He wasn't exactly cooperating with the camera; esp. since my flash is out and both me & my subject has to be super still to take a decent picture... His hair actually needs to be redone... those sides of his hair seem to grow faster than anywhere else... I've snipped it myself (while he was nursing) with scissors 4 different times before Jeremy took the clippers to it!

Also, in some of these pictures, he's actually chewing on some food (granola bars)...

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Wyatt Diving

Wyatt likes to dive onto our sofa :D

Oh, my first time using's video upload tool instead of using YouTube, MySpace or PhotoBucket to include videos. I think it looks pretty good :) Of course, the video can't be more than 100mb but if you have a bigger one, just use YouTube or MySpace.