Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just Stuff

Awww, sweet smile :) Just not at the camera.... ha ha ha

Fake smile... jaw jutted out...

Cheesy smile...


WTH? lol

Funny face... ha ha ha ha
Here's a B&W version of the above pic :D

Wyatt is so funny :D He's always making me laugh or smile :)

He's quite imaginative and plays very well by himself... even if there's no toys around, he'll play with his toes or something like that :D

His things to say right now are: ".... is my favorite" or ".... is not my favorite", "I got this for my birthday" or "I want .... for my birthday", he'll be talking to one of the cats... saying something like, "You're so tute (cute)" and follow that with "do ya? do ya? do ya?"... LOL I was hearing him say that a lot, and then I told Jeremy about it, how cute it was, and Wyatt stopped saying it as much... hehehe That's why you have to talk very low or in another room... :P Another thing, is that I'll ask him why he did something, and he'll say, quite truthfully, " 'cause I want to". Something else... sometimes when I ask what he said, he'll tell me, "I'm talking to myself".

He still isn't too thrilled about wearing shorts/pants. He'll wear shirts now though... even ask to wear one. He'll wear his underwear, a shirt, and tennis shoes outside.... ha ha ha

He's still sleeping with the girls :) Either one will do... We have the girls in separate rooms now. Sometimes he'll come up to me and tell he's "so sweepy (sleepy)".

He still nurses occassionally. Not very often at all. I'll ask him, while he climbs up on my lap, getting into position and raising my shirt up, "Why do you want to nurse?" and he'll just smile, and say, " 'cause I want to"... ha ha ha ha

He loves playing, of course. He loves playing with his sisters. They do fight still, but, I guess that's normal. I have to say that he isn't punching so much anymore! Yay! But, he does wrestle them down to the ground... ha ha ha Usually, they're both laughing when he does that.

Oh, I guess this is something he's going through, a stage or something... but, sometimes, he won't kiss Jeremy or hug him... Jeremy will convince him to at least give him 'five'... And with me, sometimes he'll tell me "no kiss, just hugs" or vice versa.