Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Wyatt decided to paint himself... good thing it was latex paint... came off easily... But, this is what happened when I asked Jeremy to watch him while I paint the girls' bedroom... He actually is totally pink/purple from his chest to his toes... EVERYWHERE... I have pics, but I don't think I should post them... lol

Friday, May 23, 2008

Update on the Potty

Wyatt pooped on his potty today!!! TWICE!!! woohoo!!!

I had left the kid with Jeremy while I went to Curves for my workout... well, when I came back, Jeremy showed me the poop still in the kiddie potty and told Wyatt to come show me... so, Wyatt went to the bathroom, brought out the inner part of the potty to show it to me :D He was all, "poo poo!" :D hehehe

Then, while I was home, he went back to the bathroom, pooped again, but this time, he came out with the inner part, empty... he had already flushed it :D hehe

Had I known he was gonna decide to potty-train himself, I wouldn't have bought the big box of Huggies!!! lol So, so far, I bought him 3 packages of underwear :) His newest has characters from Cars on it :D Speaking of Cars, while picking up the underwear, he spotted a Cars baseball cap, picked up and put it on his head :D It was so cute, that we bought it for him :D hehehe

Going back to the potty... if he's without diaper or underwear, he'll go potty every time. If he has either one of those on, there's about a 50/50 chance of going potty.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Potty Training

Well, it looks like Wyatt's ready to get rid of his diapers! He actively takes them off. And while they're off, he'll go, on his own, to the kiddie potty :D A few times, he has even closed the door... even locked it (its easy to open from the outside, so, that's not too much of a problem).

Last night, he didn't want to put his diaper on... but, I didn't want to wake up to pee (because even though he is usually dry in the mornings... ya never know...)... but, finally consented to me putting one one him. Well, this morning, before he was fully awake and still nursing... he took his diaper off... LOL It was dry.

I'm glad I didn't push him into peeing on the potty! He was so resistant! I'd sit him on it and he'd straighten his legs, scream, cry, and get up... like it was the worse thing I could have done to him! So, I didn't do that too often... I just put him on the potty a handful of times, just so that he knows that where to go if he wanted to pee...

He just decided, on his own (28 mths), that he wanted to pee on the potty :D woohoo! Actually, this is about the time the girls were potty-training too! Funny how that happened... I've read and heard from others that boys take longer to train... guess we'll see :D

As long as he's naked, he pees on the potty. I put underwear on him and he peed in them... but showed me... lol He's not really pulling down his pants yet.