Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Wyatt is 6 Weeks Old Today

Wanna see a comparison of all of my three children at 6 weeks old to see how much they differ or look alike? Check it out here.

I actually took these pictures yesterday in preparation for today :D hehehe
He's just the sweetest thing!
I feel badly for him though right now... he seems to have a cold :( When he's awake, he seems to want to spit out some phlegm but then he swallows it. Even his little voice is kind of hoarse :(
Two weeks ago exactly, we had brought the kids to the girls' annual check-up. At that time, they were all totally fine, in good health. The nurse checked Wyatt out real quick too, bonus :D
Well, in the waiting room, Ursula was licking the back of her chair. That child and her oral fixation... she's always got something in her mouth or licking something. So, I get her to stop. Within a week, she has fever and then she's congested. The fever produced a mouthful of fever blisters for the poor child :( Today is Wyatt's 3rd day of this coughing/congestion. Calista is kind of coughing, not bad at all though... she didn't go through a fever either.
Since Jeremy took today off to bring me to my postpardum check-up, I'll go ahead and call to see what I can do about Wyatt. Jeremy is getting concerned/worried. If it is just something benign that needs to run its coarse, I can deal with that with no problem. I just don't want it to get any worse... I mean, he's still a newborn! Thankfully, I nurse him.
I'll update when I find out something.

Friday, January 27, 2006

A Big Smile!

Caught him (well, at least half of his face) smiling today! woohoo What a sweet smile! hehehe
He's 5 wks 3 days :)

Oh, and his little face looks like its broken out (doesn't look that bad in person though) probably because I put him to sleep on the sofa today and the cover that's on the sofa wasn't double rinsed. Ursula was like that too... if any material that came close to her face wasn't double rinsed, she'd have a little rash for that day.

Also, I posted about pumping on my other blog.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Rolling Over

OMG! Wyatt surprised the heck out of me today!

I had put him down for one of his many naps, on his belly, in that nice bassinet that Tasha gave me. When I heard him waking up, he was on his back! And no... no one moved him; I was in the living room/kitchen aread that whole time he was asleep (that's where the bassinet is also).

My girls didn't roll over until they were like 4 or 5 mths old... like around the time they were able to sit up!

But you know, I shouldn't be all that surprised because that little boy wiggles his way toward me all the time in bed! hehee

His nose is finally clearing up!!! Its not totally clear yet... but, its way better! He was so quiet in bed last night, I kept waking up to check if he was breathing or not! hehehe

Friday, January 20, 2006

Wyatt's One Month Old

hehehe Yes, almost the exact same as him being 4 weeks... hehehe but, why not do another update?

He's starting to smile a lot more! And a little bit of cooing... not too much though.

He's so funny... during the day, I can put him down while he's sleeping and get stuff done (that is until his well-intended sister, Ursula wakes him up with tons of kisses) but at night, he just has to be right up against me; esp next to one of his milk sources... even though he isn't nursing. Like, I'll get up to go to the bathroom or drink some water in the middle of the night and he'll grunt and grunt and wiggle until I return to bed then he'll promptly go back to sleep! Little pumpkin! hehehe

I'm so excited because he's fitting all of his 0-3 mth clothes! woohoo! And he has PLENTY of them thanks to his Aunt Tasha!!! hehehe She has a 2 yr. old boy who's almost exactly 2 yrs older than Wyatt so she's passing down all of his clothes! That's sooo awesome of her too! And saves us soooo much money... esp. since all the clothes are super nice and NOT stained! He has some clothes from his Aunt Tori too and a friend of mine is sending me boy clothes too! hehehe So, Wyatt is pretty much the best dressed newborn around! hehehe

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Thanks Aunt Tasha!

Yep, that's him sleeping peacefully in there!
Jeremy's sister, Tasha, gave us this bassinet that's also a changing table... actually, she said its like 5 things in one :) This is so helpful during the day! Its high enough that Ursula can't wake him up and I can get chores accomplished! woohoo!
He still sleeps in the bed with us at night though :) He likes it there and I like him there too :D

Wyatt's 4 Weeks Old Today

Wyatt is just such a good baby! You barely ever hear him cry. He is still sleeping a whole lot. Still a little snotty, not as bad as before, thankfully. He poops one or two times a day. I'm not sure about his weight. My girls have a check-up today (supposedly) and I'll try to get the nurse to weigh him while we're there. I know he's heavier. I'd say he's at least 10 lbs; my guesstimate.

He's wearing a 'big boy' outfit today! First time I've tried it on him and it fits! Of course, its a 0-3 mth size. But, the clothes all look so big before I put them on him.

He's starting to reach for things :D

He's still having those very active REM's... where his eyes open, roll around, he smiles, frowns, makes happy or sad noises. I actually have some video footage of it now :D Its so cute :)

We just got home from being away for the weekend. Jeremy put on a metal roof for his sister's in-laws. It was a really nice weekend there. They have everything a child could want to play on or with! hehe And they kept saying what a handsome boy Wyatt is! hehehe I mean, really, does that ever get old? I don't think so :D hehehe

Brought the girls to a KidMed checkup and the nurse was nice enough to check out Wyatt too. She checked his chest and said it was clear... just has nasal congestion. I weighed him with his clothes on and he weighed 10lbs 4 oz. So, I'm sure without clothes he weighs a little over 10 lbs! Woohoo! :D He's doing well :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

3 Weeks Old

Well, this past week, his eyelashes are coming in and he has tears!
He's still sleeping a whole lot! Its crazy! I don't remember my girls ever sleeping like that! I wonder if he's gearing up to be a hyper child? lol Oh, he's also found his voice! hehehe But, I love that little cry!
He still looks like a newborn :D

This time, Wyatt has company :D This is his cousin, Veronica who's 3 weeks older than he is... My brother's daughter. These 2 pictures were taken yesterday, so, they are the closest to his 'true' 3 week age because I didn't take any pictures today, for some reason.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Wyatt's 2 Weeks Old

I took these pictures this morning.
Yes, they're funny; I give you permission to laugh :D
But, really, newborns do look alienish... hehehe
He's starting to stretch his legs out now instead of keeping them in a fetal position.
He's also quite snotty. Poor baby, I have to suction his nose a few times a day so that he can nurse. Its worse at night though; that's when he gets suctioned most.
And he still sleeps a whole lot!!!
I think that if he wouldn't get so snotty at night, he would probably sleep through the night already! Seriously!
I told Jeremy he may look like him and sleep like him, but he's going to have a sweet personality!!! LOL

Monday, January 02, 2006

Good Dreams

If this isn't the cutest thing... hehehe
I love watching Wyatt sleep. His expressions go from extremely sad looking to very happy, along with the appropriate sounds to accompany the looks.
I also find it funny that a baby this young can have these expressions/emotions while sleeping but it takes a little longer for them to do it while awake.
I believe Ursula was 3 wks old when she smiled voluntarily while awake.
It does look like Wyatt wants to smile while awake... he also looks like he wants to talk to us. He opens his mouth and it seems like he tries to mimic the way our mouth looks when we talk to him :D
And yeah, he opens his eyes while he's sleeping too :D hehehe

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Thumb Sucking

Looks like he's learning to self-soothe!
This was so cute! I took 3 pictures of him doing it!
I don't recall my girls sucking their thumbs or fingers.