Friday, January 20, 2006

Wyatt's One Month Old

hehehe Yes, almost the exact same as him being 4 weeks... hehehe but, why not do another update?

He's starting to smile a lot more! And a little bit of cooing... not too much though.

He's so funny... during the day, I can put him down while he's sleeping and get stuff done (that is until his well-intended sister, Ursula wakes him up with tons of kisses) but at night, he just has to be right up against me; esp next to one of his milk sources... even though he isn't nursing. Like, I'll get up to go to the bathroom or drink some water in the middle of the night and he'll grunt and grunt and wiggle until I return to bed then he'll promptly go back to sleep! Little pumpkin! hehehe

I'm so excited because he's fitting all of his 0-3 mth clothes! woohoo! And he has PLENTY of them thanks to his Aunt Tasha!!! hehehe She has a 2 yr. old boy who's almost exactly 2 yrs older than Wyatt so she's passing down all of his clothes! That's sooo awesome of her too! And saves us soooo much money... esp. since all the clothes are super nice and NOT stained! He has some clothes from his Aunt Tori too and a friend of mine is sending me boy clothes too! hehehe So, Wyatt is pretty much the best dressed newborn around! hehehe


Jessica said...

what a cutie! Looks like his legs are a little thick!! Veronica's legs are so rolly!
My computer is down :( Won't be online much...

Alison said...

Yeah, he's gaining but he feels more solid than smooshie as of now.

What's up with ya PC? That sucks... something's up with mine as well... I'm in the process of saving all my pics to disk and will prolly end up reformatting :( Blah

Jessica said...

Yep, that's what Jared suggested to do w/ours, but I really don't want to loose my pics. Some of them are the only one's of Veronica, shoot all my kids! I'm going to call a pro today :( Blah

Jessica said...

OMG,I just had to tell you this!
Vic is sitting w/me as I typed my other comment, and when I finished I scrolled down she seen Urs and said "us-su-la" then a few more pics down she said "baby lyitt" he he...I said "wyatt" she smiled and said "yes"