Tuesday, January 10, 2006

3 Weeks Old

Well, this past week, his eyelashes are coming in and he has tears!
He's still sleeping a whole lot! Its crazy! I don't remember my girls ever sleeping like that! I wonder if he's gearing up to be a hyper child? lol Oh, he's also found his voice! hehehe But, I love that little cry!
He still looks like a newborn :D

This time, Wyatt has company :D This is his cousin, Veronica who's 3 weeks older than he is... My brother's daughter. These 2 pictures were taken yesterday, so, they are the closest to his 'true' 3 week age because I didn't take any pictures today, for some reason.


Jessica said...

Look at those sweet babys. So precious. And those fat cheeks, I could kiss all day long, o' wait I do :D

Alison said...

hehehe yep, Wyatt gets his fair share of kisses here too :D