Friday, January 27, 2006

A Big Smile!

Caught him (well, at least half of his face) smiling today! woohoo What a sweet smile! hehehe
He's 5 wks 3 days :)

Oh, and his little face looks like its broken out (doesn't look that bad in person though) probably because I put him to sleep on the sofa today and the cover that's on the sofa wasn't double rinsed. Ursula was like that too... if any material that came close to her face wasn't double rinsed, she'd have a little rash for that day.

Also, I posted about pumping on my other blog.

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Jessica said...

I love those happy eyes! So sweet. I remember I could tell when Vic wanted to smile before she was smilin b/c she would give me such sweet happy eyes!! He seems like he has a sweet personality!
You making sure to take as many pics as you did Calista? But since he's the first boy, maybe it's not like being the 4th girl, huh?? LOL