Thursday, March 06, 2014

Big Toe

Last night,  as we're telling the kids good-night, Jeremy notices Wyatt's big toe.  It's red, swollen, and the nail is almost 100% black!  Apparently,  he dropped something hard on his toe 3 days prior and didn't tell anyone!  OMG!  Why don't our kids tell us when they get hurt???

So, Jeremy thinks, after looking closely at it, that he needs to relieve some of that pressure.  Wyatt starts crying and shaking before anything is done.  I clip his toenails and Jeremy sanitizes a needle.  He begins poking different areas and nothing but pain for Wyatt.  Finally,  he gets it in the right spot and a thin stream of blood starts squirting out!  It went so far that it reached the other sofa!!!  Tiny drops of blood were on his Xbox controller and on the glass top of the coffee table.   After a few more pokes, Wyatt's toe looked so much better!   My poor baby :-(

So crazy that in those 3 days, not one of us noticed him walking funny (because I guess he didn't) nor did we notice his toe :-( :-( :-(