Friday, December 20, 2013

Wyatt's 8 yrs old now!

My little sweetie-pie is now 8 yrs old!  

OMG!  Time flies by so quickly!!!

I was looking at his baby pics on this blog... and missing that baby so much!

I'll bake his cake in a few minutes... have that ready for him for when he gets home from school; although, we won't do anything until his dad gets home from work :)

Today is also the last day before Christmas & New Year's Vacation :)

Oh, we bought him a bow and arrow set from Academy for his birthday :D  He's always talking about wanting a bow and arrow gun (that's what he calls crossbows)... we wanted to get him a basic bow first; let him learn on that before moving to the crossbow :D  I think he'll be thrilled! :D

Update on him:

He still likes snuggling with me on the sofa :)
He wears a 7/8 slim pants
Size 1 shoe
size 7/8 shirt
he's 48.5" tall
weighs 48.5 lbs
(Crazy how those two mmeasurements are the same, huh?)

He still has a hard time with "r" words and words ending with "er"... hehe  He actually probably sounds a lot like I did when I was a little kid!  I used to say, "puss" for "purse" and he does too... He's very aware of it and tries to correct himself and sometimes just says he can't say it.  He gets teased at school because of it.  However, it doesn't seem to bother him.  Everyday, I ask him how was school and everyday he says it was great... ha ha ha  He doesn't come home sad or upset looking... usually he has a smile on his face :D

He's doing ok in school... making about a "C" average... last year he had practically straight "A's" on all his tests... this year.... it's been harder... It's probably because of that Common Core curriculum; no one likes it.