Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Wyatt's 4 Weeks Old Today

Wyatt is just such a good baby! You barely ever hear him cry. He is still sleeping a whole lot. Still a little snotty, not as bad as before, thankfully. He poops one or two times a day. I'm not sure about his weight. My girls have a check-up today (supposedly) and I'll try to get the nurse to weigh him while we're there. I know he's heavier. I'd say he's at least 10 lbs; my guesstimate.

He's wearing a 'big boy' outfit today! First time I've tried it on him and it fits! Of course, its a 0-3 mth size. But, the clothes all look so big before I put them on him.

He's starting to reach for things :D

He's still having those very active REM's... where his eyes open, roll around, he smiles, frowns, makes happy or sad noises. I actually have some video footage of it now :D Its so cute :)

We just got home from being away for the weekend. Jeremy put on a metal roof for his sister's in-laws. It was a really nice weekend there. They have everything a child could want to play on or with! hehe And they kept saying what a handsome boy Wyatt is! hehehe I mean, really, does that ever get old? I don't think so :D hehehe

Brought the girls to a KidMed checkup and the nurse was nice enough to check out Wyatt too. She checked his chest and said it was clear... just has nasal congestion. I weighed him with his clothes on and he weighed 10lbs 4 oz. So, I'm sure without clothes he weighs a little over 10 lbs! Woohoo! :D He's doing well :)


Jessica said...

that's a sweet baby! Sleep now, raise hell l8er! LOL
That first one yet again looks like Urs..IMO
Maybe I should update my blog...one day :D

Alison said...

Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of (the raising hell part!) lol

A lot of people have said that first one looks like Ursula :)

And YES, you should update your blog! You were doing so good for a little while! lol