Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Bouncing Himself to Sleep

This was just too cute to watch. Only the second day the jumpy thing was up and he jumped himself to sleep! I knew he was sleepy because we had just taken a bath and he was fussy; I nursed him in the tub but then he couldn't get comfortable so, I put him down, finished bathing and we got out. He seemed to have a little burst of energy. But then, I guess the bouncing got him sleepy again.

And a still shot of him sleeping.


Jessica said...

I do think it's soooo sweet when baby's fall asleep in strange places.

Alison said...

Me too :D Precious :)

But, did you get to see the video?

Jessica said...

Yep I seen the video!! Thanks to the link you added!! BIG Thanks (assuming that was for me) I did see that you had video's and immediatly thought thatI would go to your photobucket...but the link was just right there...for me...he he he

Alison said...

Oh good, you were able to :D
Yeah, I did do it for you :D
You're welcomed :D
I know that the video is dark... but, ya know how that is, taking an inside video with a digital camera...