Sunday, July 09, 2006

Small Update

Just wanted to make sure I remembered to add a few things Wyatt's been doing.

He's been pulling up to his feet when next to anything that he can use to pull up on.

He's always pulling out that little shelf that my keyboard rests on.

He's been sitting up from a crawl/belly position since last weekend @ Jeremy's parents' house.

He definitely transfers objects from one hand to the other; not sure when he started that since I didn't think about looking at that until reading one of those baby update thingies I get from him weekly.

We bought one of those blow-up ring pools yesterday; I got in with the kids and Wyatt loved it! We bought him a little thingie to get into and he was just splashing away!

He likes his jumpy thingie that hangs from the ceiling. He doesn't care for the swing too much; I use it for just a few minutes at a time... when I need to get something out of the oven or something like that. He likes his walker ONLY if he's outside in it. He'll stay in the play yard thingie that I got from Angele since I have lots of toys in there for him for quite a while.

He isn't freaking out totally when a train passes anymore! woohoo! He does freak out about the lawnmower though. When he freaks out, its like he doesn't know what to do... he tries to get inside of me or something! lol I just try to show him what the noise is all about.


Jessica said...

I didn't know that about him and the train. That's kinda funny.
Do you ever wanna tell him "just stop" LOL I feel like that w/Veronica alot! I heard he's doing the army crawl from Cherie. Cool about him putting himself into the sitting position. And I think Veronica is putting things from one hand to the other, hum?!?
Did you see about exchanging your cam yet?

Alison said...

Well, Ursula freaked out about the train for like her first 2 yrs... more/less... you'd think they'd be used to it being that they were born here/raised here and the trains have been running right by our house all this time...

Yeah, he gets around... He'll take like one little 'step' in crawling and then roll over :D He went from the middle of the living room to the sofa in no time doing that... rolling/almost crawling.

About my camera, check out my newest entry in Mostly Harmless :D