Tuesday, July 25, 2006

7 Months (and 5 days)

Okay, as he's sleeping on my back (in my backpack carrier) right now, I'll update his blog with new pics and info :D

Here he is showing off his new teeth! In order to get a picture of them, I had to lay him on the floor and tickle him :D

I can't wait for those teeth to come out all the way! They are making him so miserable! And if you look to the side of those 2 top ones, it looks like it won't be long before the next ones poke through the gum line! My poor baby! Thank goodness for Hyland's Teething Tablets! I've also been using Gentle Naturals' Earache Relief since the teething itself has him pulling his ears.

Its funny how much harder it is to get a picture of him now that he's crawling... I sit him down and he comes after me, reaching for the camera's strap that dangles teasingly in front of him... it took me a few attempts to get this cute picture of him to the left!

Not sure of his weight as we still don't have a scale (same reason I don't know how much weight I've loss since last month).

Oh, and at night, ever since he learned to crawl, he's is always trying to get comfortable... turning this way and that... most of the time, he settles down when he gets to his belly. Sometimes he tosses and turns so much, he wakes himself up too much, cries (because he doesn't want to be awake) and I have to 'rock' (just sitting up in bed and rocking back and forth) him back to sleep.


Jessica said...

Cherie says how cute and precious he is. I feel like its been forever since I've seen him. I just know that those outfits wont fit him ;(
He's growing so much. His little face looks fatter :D Can't help but wonder what he looks like in person!

Alison said...

I know, the time flies back so quickly!

Well, if the outfits are 6-9 mth and 2 pieces, they'll probably fit. I've already packed away all of the all-in-ones that were less than 12 mth in size and a couple that were 12 mth because of the way they were made (didn't fit or too snug).

Yeah, its too bad you didn't know Cherie was coming over that last time.

Jessica said...

aaaaaahhhhh, their one peice!!!!
O I'm home :D

Jessica said...

Hey, guess what!?!
Veronica's top teeth are coming. I seen one blistering the skin :D