Friday, August 31, 2007

Wyatt Got Clipped!

Wyatt's hair is growing so funny... like the sides and top grow the fastest. I've trimmed (while he was nursing) above his ears like 3 times already! Well, last night, I suggested to Jeremy to use the clippers on him and Jeremy almost automatically went go get his clippers! hehe

So, Jeremy clipped the sides of his hair and evened out the back bottom. I see that it needs a little touch-up... hard using clippers or scissors on a kid that age; esp. when he's not used to it! hehe

All this time, I thought Wyatt would just have straight hair but right at the bottom, in the back, one little curl was starting to form :D hehe

I'll try to get a pic of him later on today and post it.


Jessica said...

well....wheres the pics?

Alison said...

Actually, his hair needs a touch-up; hard to clip a squirmy boy... LOL I'll post some later.

Vicky said...

We had been cutting Gaby's hair ourselves as well but that boy looked sooo much like a girl that we took him to the barber. Needless to say, he cried bloody murder all the time annoying all the guys there :( .
I also have pics that i've been meaning to post, but haven't gotten around to that.