Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Wyatt's One Week Old

Its just so surreal that I was pregnant and already had a baby; a baby boy too! Its amazing! And now, its already been a week that he's been here! He's sooooo sweet! He's constantly sleeping though! lol He nurses, poops, pees, and sleeps. He might have about 20 cumalitive (sp?) minutes a day where his eyes are actually open! So, I imagine he'll be chunky like Ursula was in no time! hehehe

Also, it looks like he might have blue eyes! If not, they'll be a light color. There's a light ring around his pupil. I know most babies start out with blue eyes, but like I said, there's a light ring around his pupil, like Ursula had.

I think its so funny how so many baby boys (newborn) look like little old men! hehehe


Jessica said...

He's changed already! What a difference a week makes :D

Alison said...

Cherie has been here since the weekend and she said the other day how he's already heavier! hehe I told her, I guess so! All he does is nurse, sleep, and poop! Oh yeah, and pee on everyone! hehehe

Jessica said...

LMAO, pee-ing! Gotcha? and Daddy? Boys will be boys! My suggestion change him on a towel that has extra slack so that when he starts you can wrap him in that towel...At least that way it might not reach the ceiling.
It's neat that they are so close. And if Veronica is anything like Victoria then she'll play cars w/ Wyatt :D