Monday, December 26, 2005


Looks like he's praying, huh?

I thought this was so cute... he was interlacing his fingers and just looking around. It was so adorable! He'd take his fingers apart and put them back the same way :D Hey, does that show intelligence or dexterity (sp?) already? hehehehehe


Jessica said...

Oh, man! That second pic reminds me of Urs sooo much!!! The first one not so much, but man, that second one, w/ the brows LOL
A week already, WOW! I know the feeling, Veronica is one month as of monday...a month double WOW!! :D

Alison said...

Yeah, I can see that too... hmmmm... I wonder what he'll end up looking like.

Did Veronica sleep ALOT that first week? Wyatt is sleeping like all the time.

Jessica said...

Yep, Veronica slept alot. Shoot she still sleeps real well. Yesterday she slept from about 9:30 till like 3:30....WOW! And slept well last night.