Thursday, July 24, 2008

His Personality Right Now

Okay... here's some things he does or says at 31 mths old:

Sometimes, if you ask him something or ask him to do something, he'll lower his head, act like he gives up, and says, "Bine!" (fine!) lol But, he smiles afterward.

He'll act like he's upset and sigh... smiles afterwards... he folds his arms across his chest... smiles when you look at him...

He'll have something in one hand... then put both behind his back and want you to guess which hand he has that 'something' in... but, he'll change hands... and bring out an empty hand... he also teases... goes to hand you something and right before you grab it, he takes it away... ha ha ha

He's still a little charmer. If he sees me fussing his sisters, he'll start kissing me... lol Hard to stay mad when a little one is kissing you and trying to get you to smile. :)

When we say, "I love you, Wyatt" he replies, "a'too, mom/daddy/etc".

Says: My turn, Eat, pee-pee/poo on potty, kitty, tells our neighbor, "bye Jenn", jeep, car, play, me play, me, hey, what doing?, tea?, drink, etc... he's saying a lot of stuff...

He drives that PowerWheels Jeep perfectly!!! lol Its so cute! Like when I am mowing the grass, he'll drive around me.

Oh, I've written how he likes all the typical 'boy' things... like guns, cars, knives, etc... well, his latest thing is to pretend he's dead... he goes all limp and says, "I dead". I pick him up and tell him, "No! You're alive!" and then he'll either say he's dead again or say, "I live?" and I'll say, 'yes, you're alive' :D

You would swear that he was a sniper in a past life... lol He'll take anything, a stick, a pretend gun, his finger, and hide behind something, peek out, and then make a shooting sound...

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Jessica said...

he's says alot now, huh? He's getting SO big! I think I see some of my kids in him...guess that might mean he looks like YOU!! :P
I'll update my blog soon. Veronica got a new hair Victoria!
Glad you finially updated :)