Monday, October 23, 2006

Doggy Wrestling

This is Wyatt's Aunt Tasha's English Bulldog, Huck.
Wyatt just LOVES animals!
Doesn't everyone just adore doggy kisses (ewww...)
Wyatt has Huck here... Huck was being good and submitting :D
I just had to hold his back legs away from Wyatt because he was so excited to get this attention that his back legs were kicking non-stop! lol
"You are now under my control", Wyatt pronounces as he finishes up the spell for making Huck helpless.

"Eureka! The spell worked!
I can now overpower this beast!"

Now, to kiss him... or is that bite him?

This was definitely Wyatt biting Huck... LOL
And Huck was so good about it.
I'm wondering if Wyatt thought Huck was one big chew toy or if he just thought he tasted good...

And Huck wasn't one bit phased by that bite... he loves Wyatt as you can see by this doggy kiss.

At least Wyatt doesn't freak out about large animals like Ursula did at that age!


Tasha said...

That's too funny! I love your commentary! My kids don't like animals THAT close...hehehe These are really cute pictures!

Alison said...

Thanks Tasha :D It was so cute watching them :D

Jessica said...

O'really?!? Put pics of Huck up and it brings people out, huh? Good to hear you Tasha! LOL

Alison said...