Sunday, October 15, 2006

Today - October 15th, 2006

See his 4 bottom teeth? :D
Thought this was a funny picture of him :D hehehe

Wyatt loves animals... here he is with Shane and Angele's dog, Deuce.


He took a step today!!!
Its a start!


Jessica said...

Steps? While you were down here? OMG, what did I miss Sunday? Keep that cam close, get some video!!

Alison said...

Yep, he took a step two different times (but in the same few minutes) Sunday! AND again yesterday evening he took one step towards me :D I guess when he's up to taking a few more steps together, I'll get the video camera out and tape him.

Jessica said...

gotta love the adjustment of the shorts going on in this pic LMAO