Tuesday, February 07, 2006

7 Weeks Old

Well, looks like my camera quit on me today :(

The batteries ran out, so I put them in the charger, took recharged ones out and my camera didn't work. I tried quite a few of the other batteries, even a couple of brand-new, regular batteries, straight out the package, to no avail :(

In other words, no 7 wk pics of Wyatt :((

So, on to his upate:

He barely has any snot now! woohoo!!! He's coughing, but barely at all too! Yay! Looks like it was that same thing the girls 'caught'... a virus/cold/whatever. I know that whatever it was, its helping build up him immune system :D

I don't know his weight, but his 0-3 mth clothes are just fitting... and some of the ones that snap at the crotch, don't snap anymore. Which means I'll have to bust open the huge trash bag of 3-6 mth clothes! hehehe His size one disposable diapers barely fit. If we buy more, it'll have to be a size 2. But, maybe by now, his cloth diapers fit him.

He still sleeps a good bit but does have more awake time :D He's smiles a good bit too :D Big smiles, even with his eyes :D I'll be holding him on my lap, look down, and he's looking up at me with this huge smile. Too sweet!

Ursula's still loving him... sometimes too much. She can't get enough of him.

The other day, she whispered in his ear, "You're my best friend and... you're my lady"... I laughed! hehehe Then I had tell her that he's not going to be a lady, but a man like daddy. So now, she tells him he's her boy... and whispers to him, "you're a man"... hehehe


Sharon said...

I would LOSE MY MIND if my camera died, lol.

Ursula sounds so cute...'you're my lady', lmao. I love hearing the things they say when they are so young because they are just so innocent.

And Aubrey was the same way with Matthew when he was first born...ALWAYS on him and in his face. It was pretty endearing but it also bordered the line of mauling and OVER invading his personal space, lmfao. MANY times you would hear me say..."Aubrey, you need to back up a bit, he CAN breathe on his own.', lmfao.

Jessica said...

Man, sorry abou your camera, have a plan to fix it?
Aren't kids great! I know what you mean by being so sweet, Veronica will find me accross the room and smile!!
See ya this weekend, right?