Saturday, February 25, 2006

Eyewitness to Rolling Over

Yep, the night before last, we finally witnessed Wyatt rolling over!!! We had come home from visiting my sibs and getting my car; it was after 1am. We put him in bed and he was just all animated... happy and wiggling... and farting... LOL

Anyways... he started throwing his fists in the air and then putting them both to one side... finally, he rolled over, towards me. From his back to his belly... and then again from his belly to his back... he ended up right in front of me... like he put himself there intentionally because he wanted me to change his diaper! (he hates having a dirty diaper).

See, he's been rolling over, but we just never actually saw him doing it! It was sooo cute to watch him :D

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Angie said...


I've got a lazy little guy! He's 3 months already and doesn't seem at all interested in rolling over.