Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Pictures From My New Camera

Wyatt loves his new truck :D

Giving his grandparents' dog some love :D

And these last four with him in the red shirt are pics I took of him while he was on me while I was laying down... LOL
I like the one of him laying on me :D He was giving me some love :)

I do think that sometimes the flash may be too bright; moreso than my last camera :( But, that was a different type of EasyShare camera. Believe me, I'm super happy to have this new one!


Jessica said...

Yay!! About time! LOL Those pics are SO cute!! I love the one of him lovin' on you too!
About the flash...were you close to you? Maybe if you would have used the 'close-up' feature that would lessin the flash? Juat a thought.
I like the second to last one, you can see his eyelashes :)
And of course, the one w/the truck is cute too. I'm sure Jeremy is loving some more testerone in the house LOL I can see him taking Wyatt and saying lets get out of this "PMS house of hell"!! LOL LOL LOL (had to say that)

Alison said...

Thanks :)
Its getting harder to take pics of him being that he's so actively mobile now! He won't even turn his head if I call his name! LOL He's just too busy to worry about taking pics for me!
Yeah, I didn't try to put it on the close-up setting... maybe that'll do the trick. I wasn't too close for a lot of the pics I took that came out so white... but, maybe that close-up setting, like you said, will make a difference.
And yeah, Jeremy is definitely enjoying having a boy around. Wyatt will actually put his arms out for Jeremy to hold him, even if I'm holding him! wow, huh?

Jessica said...

Maybe you could contact Kodak and see if there is anything you can do about that. Or is there anything in the book? (talking about the flash being too bright) I was thinking that my old cam..that one that ya'll got me originally did this too! Remember outside pics sucked. How is yours for outside pics?
Well I was just thinking...there's my .02, for what ever it's worth :P