Saturday, December 02, 2006

My Cutie-Pie

Look at his pretty eyelashes! I'm so jealous! I wasn't not blessed with beautiful lashes, not at all!

Loves playing with daddy's tools, esp. his screwdrivers. Loves banging them on stuff too.

And, of course, grilling time; just like his dad :D hehee


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Okay, enough is enough! Get this hood off of me!!!

Time to eat some lipstick.

And leave hand prints...

Okay, the reason he was able to make such a mess with the lipstick is because I was taking pictures of Jeremy pulling out Calista's 3rd tooth.


Jessica said...

OMG what a mess he made. Glad you cleared up what you were doing while he done that, I was going to ask. Man, did that shade stain him? LOL Uck, in his mouth, that stuff is so oily, right?
Cute pics of him in his hood. Veronica doesn't like hoods on too much. AND of course nice eyelashes...I said that already on mysace :P

Alison said...

Oh yes, big time mess. I don't know how he even got to the lipstick... I'm sure one of his sisters left it where he could reach it.

I actually was able to wash it all off of him... maybe because it didn't stay on long enough to do major staining? I don't know. Oh, his shirt... I had forgotten about the lipstick on it when I washed it... plus it was inside out, so I didn't see it until I took it out the dryer... right now, I'm treating it with stain remover... not sure if it'll work now that it's been set by the dryer :(