Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Happy First Birthday, Wyatt!

Today is Wyatt's first birthday!!! A year ago today, I gave birth to him in our bathtub! It was such an amazing birth; something I'll always treasure!

Here's the entries from my pregnancy blog leading up to his birth story:

The day before his birth entry.
The start of labor entry.
Wyatt's birth story.
Some of his first pictures.

I will try to get some pics of him today and add them later with my back-up digital camera.

Okay, now for his update:

He's walking fulltime now.
He climbs up onto the sofa and gets down by himself.
He climbs in and out of the bathtub.
He climbs into kid-sized chairs.
He climbs up on anything or anyone who's on the floor.
I'm just glad we don't live in a house with stairs, because he'd be all over that!

He loves banging two objects together or banging them on other things (walls, floors, heads, etc) to hear the sounds that come out.

He likes to put small things into other bigger things.

He still loves putting tiny things into his mouth, but gives them to you when you ask.

He shakes his head yes and no when asked questions (THAT is just so cute).

He signs 'nurse'.

He still nurses mostly for nourishment.

He loves veggies and fruits.

He loves his toes. He always grabs them and puts them in his mouth. If Jeremy tells him to 'eat your toes', he does it.

He still sometimes hums while nursing and even while sleeping.

He LOVES tools! He always finds his daddy's tools and plays with them for the longest time!

TEETH! His 8 teeth are all out... but, check this out... his 4 molar ALONG with his 4 canine teeth are all poking through!!! OMG! In the next couple of months, he'll have a full mouth of teeth!

I actually wanted to bring him to take pics at wallyworld but Jeremy's been bringing my car to work since his needs a new starter. So, that puts a major damper on my tentative plans. I wanted to do the same for Ursula on Friday.... esp. since my good camera isn't working properly due to Ursula dropping the other weekend :( I don't know, maybe I can open the camera up and see if there's anything I can actually fix... like something that's off somewhere... what would it hurt? I don't know... My back-up camera sucks, bigtime. I promise this, when my camera gets fixed, it will always be totally protected and out of reach of little hands! I hate being without it! Can't take videos either. Of course, I can always use my regular video camera, which I will.

Okay, I'll publish this for now... I'll be returning to this entry though, to put in pics from today and adding anything else that I remember.


Jessica said...

Whoo-hoo, walking!!
I know what you mean about asking yes or no...I was just telling Dana that Veronica will ask yes to get into the tub...he he he...SO cute!!
He's such a boy, huh? Loves them tools! I bet Jeremy is so proud! LOL
Sucks about your cam, did you call Kodak yet? They might send you a prepaid postage for you to send it to them.
Yep, houses w/stairs just seems dangerous. Veronica mastered the stairs at Aimees. It's cute, she'll sit and scoot to the next :D
Can't wait to see the pics, even if the aren't the best! LOL Better than none!
What's bad is I haven't done this for Veronica yet...I have some really cute pics that I want to put a post up for her turning one, but what's funny is I could just copy and paste yours...change the name, and vola! LOL (RE: girl that copied your stuff, but truely that's how much our kids are alike, imagine that!)

Alison said...

Yep, walking fulltime now :D Like, if he falls, he doesn't crawl, he gets right back up and walks.
Yes, he's such a boy! Crazy how that's just hardwired into them! He doesn't even pay attention to Ursula's baby dolls.
I called Kodak and the warranty is no good if the camera is dropped, wonderful, huh? And there's a flat fee of $150 to fix it. I tried to open it yesterday, couldn't... Jeremy couldn't either. Now I just have to put all the screws back in it. Maybe I can exchange it after Christmas...
With Blogger switching over to Google, I can't always get into blogger... I don't even know how I was able to post this entry as I can't get back to it yet to post the pics I took...
Yeah, the fonky camera's pics aren't much worse than having none... LOL If you or the subject moves, the pic's ruined... fuzzy/blurred... the flash is too bright.
Funny how our babies have been about the same (except for the walking timeline) since birth, huh?

Jessica said...

walking and teeth. Veronica has three at bottom, and I 6 at top, 2 molers.
Hey, did they take your info (name and stuff) Can you deny it being droopped? But another one, and return that one in it's box!! LOL

Jessica said...

No pics yet :( Cherie's here, and we were hoping to see some cute pics ;D Sophia is pointing to his pic saying 'wyatt, wyatt, wyatt' (and some other babble!)LOL

Alison said...

Yep, they took my info... but, I was thinking of exchanging it for Christmas... however... Jeremy bought me a new one :D hehehe Tonight :)

I tried to upload pics and it wouldn't go through... I am guessing they're still putting the final touches on the Google merge. Cute about Sophia :)

Jessica said...

still waiting....
Merry chrirstmas out there!

Jessica said...

Hooraaayy for pics!! of course you emailed them so I was able to chill and not be on pins and needles waiting for them :)

Alison said...

lol Yeah, remember, those pics were taken with my crappy back-up digital camera. Really hard to get a good pic esp. with such a mobile child... it either comes out fuzzy, blurred, warped, etc.

Angie said...

Happy Birthday, Wyatt!

Alison said...

Thanks Angie!