Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Video of Wyatt Walking

Here's Wyatt in between the stove and the cabinet. hehehe He loves getting in there. Later on, he followed Momma Cat in there and trapped her! Good thing she's a good-natured cat because she didn't really freak out... she was just trying to escape.

Today, Wyatt has been walking mostly instead of his usual speed crawling! He's been taking many steps for at least a month now... but, today, he has decided to walk to his destinations :D And here's a video from today:

Walking Wyatt

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Jessica said...

Cool that he's walking, bout time! he he he
Veroncia is all smiles seeing his pics.
what SU-UCKS is that I can't see the video, damn it! so SUCKS!

Alison said...

You know, I had already figured out he'd be walking around 10 to 11 mths... so, its about the right time frame to me. I figured it that way because he seemed to do most things right between the times Calista and Ursula did them. Ursula walked at 9 mths, Calista walked at 12 mths. He was taking many steps at 10 mths, but I never could say he was walking because to me, walking is when they're doing it more than crawling. Now, this week, esp., he's walking everywhere! Its sooo cute! I love it! hehehe

Cute that Veronica smiles when seeing him on the PC. Sucks you can't see the video. I'm about to put another one too... LOL