Friday, November 24, 2006

Wyatt's 11 Months Old

My little cutie-pie is almost one year old!!! Oh my goodness!!! Seriously, where has the time gone??? I have to honestly say that I've enjoyed this past year with him almost 100% of the time! He really is such a happy boy for the most part; he makes it easy.

The two first pictures are of him doing what he loves... playing/banging things together and biting into things... the pic with him and the apple was funny because he put himself where he is... in that corner... lol I've no idea why he did that.

Okay... update time:

Not sure of his weight... LOL He's over 20lbs, I know that for sure.
Eating... umm... it seems like he's not really interested in it as much as he was before. In fact, his poops are those breast milk poops again... ya know? Non-smelly and runny.
He has 8 teeth fully out and 2 top molars poking through his gums... and one molar on the bottom right that's not poking through but very close... so, he constantly has his fingers/thumbs on the sides of his mouth.
I swear he says "hey!" when he wants to get someone's attention... not all of the time, but sometimes. The other times, he just does this loud 'ah'. I think he also does his version of fussing... lol Like when one of the other kids are crowding him... he says, "a-a"... Oh, I don't know how to type out that sound... lol
He will sometimes shake his head 'no' or 'yes'.
He doesn't point yet.
But, Jeremy called him, Wyatt looked, and Jeremy looked up at the ceiling... next thing you know, Wyatt's looking at the ceiling. Now, he does it back whenever you do it :D Its cute.

He loves being in the bathtub... loves it. He doesn't mind water in his face neither (whew!).

He takes 2 to 3 naps everyday still. He is my 9:30 baby... likes to be in bed by 9:30 pm and likes to wake up at 9:30am.

He also likes to flirt... lol If he gets someone's attention, esp. if he doesn't know them, he'll smile and then put his head down on my chest or hide his face. Then, he'll peek up at them after a couple of seconds... he does that over and over again :D

He loves Patty-Cake. He claps his hands and has started doing the 'rolling' part with his hands as well. Anytime I say, "clap", "yay", or "patty-cake" he starts clapping :D He waves 'bye-bye' as well and has started blowing kisses!!! He started doing this this past week! Its amazing how in just a short amount of time how much they process and learn!

What's funny is that while we were visiting my family from Friday to Wednesday, he would barely walk 2 steps. But, when it was just him and I, he would walk. Since we've been back home, he's constantly on his feet! I guess he isn't much of a show-off! hehehe

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Jessica said...

I read this a while back but never commented so I guess I could. Alot of times when I'm reading Im thinking Veroncia does that...LOL
They both seem to be lil sweeties!
So he's walking? No Vidoe?