Thursday, November 09, 2006

#9, #9, #9

Okay, as I've posted before, I was pretty sure that Wyatt was trying to cut more teeth, right? Well, guess what? I felt his 9th tooth!!! It feels like a canine tooth on the top right. Yep.... this is his 9th tooth! I didn't feel any other eruptions today... but, I'm sure I'll be feeling them soon as he seems to get them 2 at a time.
Okay, this isn't the best pic... but you can see the white dot at the top; its the best I could do... I had to tickle him and then try to open his mouth with my finger all the way trying to focus the camera while keeping his hands off it it... LOL
Now that I see the pic, though... it may be one of his first molars instead of a canine...
ALSO, this isn't just #9, his #10 is also out of the gums but not as visible as this one on the right.
(PS #9... think The Beatles' White Album)


Jessica said...

poor baby! Do you HAVE to get pics of everyone? LOL (nice eyelashes) :P

Alison said...

LOL he was actually laughing when I was doing this... I wasn't torturing him :D I was being fast. Of course, he did get more aggravated as I tried to get better pics... lol So, I did stop :D He's not emotionally scarred or anything.

And yes! I am trying to get a pic of every new one!!! LOL Its getting harder and harder though!

Plus, I want evidence/proof that I'm not lying! :D :D

Yes, my kids have been blessed with far prettier eyelashes than I was. I was jipped in that department! LOL

Jessica said...

well now the pic is way sweeter! LOL