Friday, November 03, 2006

Mini Steps!

Not the best video of him taking steps, but the only one I have so far!
Right before I video'ed him doing this, Jeremy and I witnessed him taking 12 tiny steps without stopping before he fell onto his butt!

Earlier that day, I told Jeremy that he had taken 2 steps towards me and then when Jeremy came home, Wyatt had taken 5 steps while Jeremy was showering! But, this time, Jeremy got to see him take all those steps first hand!

Anyways, I'm sure this is the first of many to come, because he's been taking a step here and there for the last couple of weeks and now, he's acting like he's a pro! hehe


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Also, as of Halloween night, he waves 'bye-bye'! It was so cute! Everytime Jeremy would start going (J drove the lawnmower while we sat behind it in a wagon-type deal), Wyatt would wave bye-bye to whomever was behind us!!! Every time!

He's also saying "Mom" a whole lot now! He would say it before but usually whenever he was crying and doing spit bubbles... LOL Mostly what he 'says' is 'ca'. lol

Wow, this week's been full of new things!

Oh, and poor thing is congested... actually, my throat hurts as well... and I'm popping colds too. No fun. He's biting on everything, but to the sides, so, I am guessing that his next teeth are trying to pop out; already! geez... 8 is just not enough, huh?

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Jessica said...

OMG, more teeth?!? Cool about the steps, but I Can't see the video. I would have to be through photobucket I believe :(