Saturday, November 11, 2006

"Where is it?"

This is his newest gesture! Isn't it so cute? hehehe We first saw him doing this to Jeremy :D Of course, our kitty, Tiger, is wanting some attention behind Wyatt :D hehe


egiziana said...

hey, so cute :)

Joy said...

What a little honey!

Love the blog.

ricardo said...


Alison said...

Thanks Egiziana, Joy, and Ricardo!

Jessica said...

Is it really "where is it?" Or "I dunno" ?? Like sign language? That's neat! AND cute too!


Hi Alison

Thanks for checking out my blog!

I have had a look at your other blogs! You are a great mom.

Your kids are so adorable, you seem to be doing a fantastic job in raising them.

Tried to email you but your email address isn't coming up!

Thanks again for your comments.

Alison said...

Jessica, I don't know if he's saying "I don't know" or "where is it?"... he just does that... like a question... lol He shakes his head 'no' now too :D

Thanks Limavady! :D