Thursday, January 11, 2007

New Feats

Wyatt's current love is to climb up onto a chair/sofa/ottoman and stand up, let go of his hands, stand there all proud of himself and then bounce/dance!!! Its so funny but of course, dangerous; so I take him down; which he doesn't like... When he sees me coming, he crouches down and holds on to the chair. In order to prevent him from standing on chairs, I have been overturning the kiddie ones... well, he's figured out how to stand them up! LOL While I was talking to my sister, Aimee, on the phone yesterday, he did it 3 times in a row! So, now I have to overturn the kiddie chairs and put them under the table! hehehe

He also loves sitting on things. Like, toys or people... if its on the floor, he'll sit on it. Or if its a box, he'll climb inside.
And here's a picture of him sitting in one of the kiddie chairs eating Cheerios :D

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