Sunday, August 20, 2006

Wyatt's 8 Months Old

This is a picture taken today while at his Aunt Tasha's house since that's where we were today when he turned 8 mths :) This pic makes me laugh because he looks all hunched over in it :D Of course, the drool on his shirt & chin is noticeable.

Sill nursing (of course)
He has 6 teeth out altogether (2 bottom center, and 4 top front - but the two on the side of the front are just now working their way up to visibility)
He's 19 lbs
He's crawling everywhere and over things
He's pulling up on everything & everyone
When he's standing, he lets go and tries to stand by himself
While on all fours, he straightens up his legs
He sits on his knees
He loves hair: grabs it, pulls it, tries to eat it
He's super clingy right now
Stops crying immediately after I pick him up
He hugs me a whole lot (puts his head down on my chest, leg, wherever and just stays for a few seconds)
Gives me open mouth kisses
Chews on my hands, knees (OUCH! those teeth are sharp!)
Will stop crying (most of the time) if I tickle him
He's super ticklish and has the best laugh :)
Loves the backpack carrier
Loves bathtime
Loves splashing
Loves being outside
Has discovered his tongue this weekend!
Sticks his tongue out and makes that 'ttthhhsss" sound (ykwim?)
Loves the vacuum cleaner
Knows when bedtime is and won't nurse (most of the time) unless we're in bed but will stay awake crying/complaining until I get him to bed.

Hmm.... that's about all I can think of right now... :D

Yay that I can post pictures once again!


Jessica said...

getting too big TOO fast!! He's precious!! Can't help but wonder what he looks like in person (hint).

Alison said...

LOL Thanks Jessica :D
Gee... what was that hint about... hmmm.... think we need to go visit or something??? LOL Yeah, I was thinking about that... maybe for one of the holidays... we'll see. If not then, maybe a weekend visit.