Thursday, August 31, 2006

Faces of Wyatt

As you can see in the one I took below him with the sky in above... he still sucks his lower lip! LOL
The one with him in the grass and something is by his mouth, that's a big rock he's trying to eat/taste/bite/etc.

Crawling everywhere...
And sweet smiles with that cute little chin of his :) lol

Digging and climbing on everything in his path... he just loves crawling over my legs when I'm on the floor.
Poor little ducky! hehe

And guess who he's trying to get to in these two photos? Yep, yours truly. I was sitting on the sofa.
And that's also a picture of something he just loves to do with his newly-discovered tongue :)


Jessica said...

I like the one of him w/the sky behind him...for technacial reasons, but I like his smile in the second to last one.

Alison said...

Yeah, I like that one with the sky behind him too... I was trying to get one like that (not necessarily the pose) with the girls too, but it didn't happen... LOL

Jessica said...

How did you get so many on 1 post? I think the most I've ever fit on one was 4...maybe 5. I s this b/c I don't resize them?

Alison said...

umm... I resize all of my pictures; not sure if that's the difference but I've never had a problem putting more pics in any one blog entry.