Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bright Eyes

Here's the best pic I took of him today :D

Its getting really hard to take pictures of him now that he's so mobile! LOL I sit him somewhere but he immediately starts crawling off to something that grabs his attention :D

And here he is, intrigued by his dad's car :) Yes, he's all boy :D Loves cars, tools, banging on things... hehehe
And isn't that such a cute shirt??? I love that shirt!


Jessica said...

I SO like that pic, the top one!! He's gorgous!! Do you find his eyes to be a different blue than Urs'? Of course-I noticed the eyelashes:D can't miss those...and I'm sure you are just waiting for me to comment on them (couldn't let ya down)

Alison said...

Thanks Jessica :) Yes, I like that first one too... I just wish his lips would have been 'out' more... he has such nice, fuller-than-shown-here lips... LOL

Yep, his eyes are different from Ursula's. Her's are really light inside... his are greenish inside. It wouldn't surprise me if he ended up with green eyes (and red hair) :D I think that would be so cool :) hehe

Jessica said...

I see that I don't see the post you told me you posted, and I just tried to post to mine and it didn't we go again :(