Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Wyatt's 15 Months Old

He's just such a cutie-pie :D

He's really showing me his monkeyness now... he's climbing or attempting to climb up on everything! From his sisters' bikes to their bunkbeds to whatever else is around and tempting him!

Here he is climbing up on one of his sis' bikes.

Here he's figuring out he can kick his leg up high... lol
And wearing a hat...

Showing his belly button... sometimes he bites on his clothes...?

Some cool pics I took of him at Lake Palourde in Morgan City, LA.

In this one, that look on his face... he was watching his daddy play beach football with some other guys and he was so concerned... at one point, Jeremy was receiving the ball and all the other guys were rushing him and Wyatt let out this frightful scream until he saw his dad get up from the sand and walk...

Loves Mommy Cat :D

Painting his skin with sour cream...

First time time this year in the baby pool... only filled it because he actually got into Max's water 'bowl'...

After him 'asking' (meaning, he pointed to the bike and looked at me, made some noises) me to put him on the bike, he was just as content as could be :D

Here's a pic of his tight-lipped smile :D Just so cute :D

These last two pics were taken this morning... Ursula had put the rocking chair that close to the TV... and when Wyatt decided he wanted to watch Sesame Street, he went and plopped himself in the chair and just watched :D It was really cute... there's not much on TV that catches his attention. He does seem to like Sesame Street... and the Nasonex bee commercial... and the Monster Trucks commercial... he always stops whatever he's doing to watch and point at the TV when those big trucks are on.

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