Thursday, April 05, 2007

Additional Stuff

Some new pics of Wyatt first:

Wyatt Climbing

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Well, as of the other day, Tuesday, Wyatt can climb up the bunkbeds... all the way to the top! Arrrggghhhh!!!! Is nothing safe anymore??? So yeah... now, I have to either close that door too or stay in the room with him. Jeremy mentioned that he could put up that dry erase board on that part of the bunkbed that he can climb.... that would thwart all climbing... which is fine too since my girls can get up other ways.... OOORRRR, he said he could take the top bunk down and put it in the other room... but, what will we do with the Soloflex? And the other stuff that's being stored in there? Of course, he did say that he'd build a storage shed; when that'll happen is anyone's guess. Would be great though.

Another thing Wyatt does that's cute... when he sits on the floor, he crosses his legs... Indian style. Sooooo cute! He did that this past weekend at Jared's house while he was trying to pet their crazy-ass cat (who happened to be pretty calm that night... surprisingly).

Wyatt also is totally into turning the TV off and on. Woohoo (sarcasm there).

He opens my dishwasher too... undoes the handle that clicks it closed... yep... then he goes for the sharpest object or something breakable. I have no idea what I can do to stop him... I guess I can put a chair in front of it but he'll either move it or climb up on it and mess with stuff the counter.

Yes, he climbs up on pretty much all chairs... and from there goes on to higher places... yay. Like the table.
He also brings me shoes (usually just one though) to put on him. He'll give me a shoe and then put his foot up so I can put it on him.
He takes his diapers off. And once, he actually pulled his pecker out and it was on top of the diaper while both sides were still fastened!!! LOL Crazy, huh? Speaking of peckers... the other day, someone posted a bulletin on MySpace about circumcisions... I'm soooo soooo soooo glad I didn't do that to my son!!! OMG! Makes you want to cry! Pure torture for those sweet, innocent newborns!
Of course, he's still nursing. An added benefit to me is my period hasn't returned yet :D woohoo!

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