Thursday, February 22, 2007

Wyatt's 14 Months Old

Here's various pics of Wyatt from this month... newest ones are at the top... the nursing one, I just took today :D Yep, of course, he's still nursing :)) The nursing one was taken to add it to my MySpace page for a 'virtual nurse-in'.

Oh, check this out... Jeremy had to remove our toilet because Wyatt snuck a toy screwdriver in it, right after I flushed it after cleaning it!!! I turned away from him for a split second, he opened the lid, dropped the screwdriver in and it was gone... but it didn't go far... it got stuck. And this was the weekend we had Calista's bday party... so, we were having lots of company that weekend (he did this on Friday). So, all weekend long, we had to watch it, use the plunger, make sure it didn't overflow. I guess Jeremy figured it would make it around the turns... I didn't think it would. Well, Jeremy finally took action and removed the toilet Tuesday. Wyatt's sneaky... LOL We had been making sure the bathroom door was closed and all since he loves the toilet... just goes to show that you can't turn your back on him!

He eats pretty much whatever now. I've been cooking one egg in the morning for him and usually he eats almost the whole thing. He likes oatmeal too.

Wears size 5 shoes. 18 mth all-in-ones. 12 mth pants and shirts. Size 3 diapers. Waves to the train, to passing vehicles, and to anyone whom he hears say 'good-bye'; even those on TV :D

Loves the kitty.

One of his typical faces--->

Crazy weather... warm today, other pics, big coat... all in February.

Loves boxes--->

Loves Max :)
Swinging is fun too--->

Gotta get that cat!!!

Waving to me :D

Doing his fake laugh! hehe or rather, Ha Ha Ha! lol

Sounds like he's saying 'yes' in this video :D I was asking him to say yes... but, I was only meaning to get him shaking his head yes... not actually saying it!!! His first word (besides mom and dad) caught on video!!! woohoo! hehehe BTW, I haven't heard him say it again since... It does sound like he says 'ca-ca' for our cat... 'la-la' for Ursula and 'Ca-la' for Calista. There's other things he 'says'... and he'll repeat the same thing over and over... but, we aren't sure what he's saying :) I'm just thankful that he shakes his head 'yes' and 'no' whenever we ask him something! That helps a whole lot!

Yes Man

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I had NO idea he knew how to operate this Sit-N-Spin!!! He surprised us that night (2 nights ago)!

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I'm not sure of his weight. When my siblings were here last, my sister, Angele, said it looks like he chunked up since the last time she saw him (New Year's).

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