Sunday, September 17, 2006

Play Time

Wyatt loves this toy :D Esp. closing the thingies :D
He likes to use this one to help him stand up :D

Pooped out after so much playing :D
BTW, isn't that shirt adorable? Came from his Aunt Tasha :)

See, he does have pretty lips; when he's not sucking on the bottom one! LOL


Jessica said...

yes, he does have pretty lips. Yes, the shirt is adorable...
two questions: 1 How did I miss this post? 2 why cant I see the pic of him standing w/a toy?

Alison said...

You didn't miss it :D I posted it using an earlier date since it was before the pics above it... I like keeping things sequential :D
There isn't a pic in this set of pics of him standing next to that toy. I will, however, post a few news ones today :D